Make a “Lucky Home with Master Hanz Cua” with the help of his new FYE Channel show on YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – Master Hanz Cua is bringing his expertise online via For Your Entertainment (FYE) YouTube channel as he launches his new show “Lucky Home” that aims to be a guide on how viewers can invite good fortune to their homes based on Feng Shui practices.

“Lucky Home with Master Hanz Cua” will feature the Chinese astrology guru reviewing the homes of various personalities while explaining how auspicious or unlucky a certain area of the house is. He will also offer his skillful recommendations on how homeowners can enhance the flow of luck in specific spaces and furniture to create good Feng Shui at home.

For its first episode episode, Master Hanz will take a virtual tour around the home of “A Family Affair” lead star Ivana Alawi in Bahrain, which she showed in one of her personal vlogs.

Viewers can expect to hear Feng Shui tips on maximizing luck in doorways, chairs, mirrors, bedside tables, bed sheets, as well as in doing home renovations, and more in the episode.

“Lucky Home with Master Hanz Cua” is the first exclusive show of FYE Channel on YouTube, where highlights of its original offerings that stream on the Pinoy livestreaming platform kumu ( like “The Best Talk,” “Tita Talk,” “Thank You, Doc,” “Pinoy Vibes,” “Bawal Ma-Stress Drilon,” “Call Me MayBi,” “Karerin Natin ‘Yan,” and more can also be watched.

Aside from “Lucky Home,” Master Hanz also continues to do live tarot reading and provide tips on welcoming luck through the show “Hanz Swerte! Hanz Saya!,” streaming every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 am on FYE Channel on kumu.

Get helpful Feng Shui home advice by watching “Lucky Home with Master Hanz Cua,” premiering on the FYE Channel on YouTube beginning this August 19 (Friday), 7pm! For more details, follow @fyechannel on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to FYE Channel on YouTube.

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