Sarah Geronimo to perform at MassKara Festival 2023 [event]

MANILA, Philippines— Coke Studio Philippines is taking the MassKara festival to new heights! This October 22, prepare to see the Sunset Stage at North Capitol Road in Bacolod City transform into the ultimate party hub! 

Bacolod City’s annual MassKara Festival is celebrated for its vibrant colors, distinctive masks, and contagious energy that captivates both locals and tourists. Known for its epic street parties, with MassKaraland being the biggest, the festival is a testament to Bacolod’s resilience and unique Filipino identity. 

This year, this extravaganza breaks boundaries as Coke Studio Philippines once again joins and leads the festivities. Dedicated to spotlighting the Philippines’ rich musical talent, Coke Studio aligns with MassKara’s promotion of local and international influences. These two platforms unite to showcase local creativity that resonates globally. 

Headlined by Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo, and Coke Studio Season 7 artist PLAYERTWO, it also features local talents like Ferdinand Aragon, the Aire Band, and Mojo Nova. This Coke Studio music festival perfectly captures the essence of the MassKara Festival: a celebration of culture, talent, and shared passion. It is also a testament to the boundless magic and unifying power of two of the most universal things in this world that bring people from all walks of life and backgrounds together: music and an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola. 

The COKE STUDIO™ is a platform for true borderless collisions among emerging and established music artists from all over the world. It provides a unique opportunity for artists to experiment with sounds from different cultures, fuse genres to create new music and reach global audiences. Here in the Philippines, Coke Studio Season 7 is set to be the best and the most epic season ever. For this season, we go beyond the borders of not just geographic regions, not just music genres, but as well as the four corners of the performance stage as we incorporate music and movement together.  

Mark your calendars for this night of music, dance, and real magic with COKE STUDIO! See you there!