Maya has an Cebu Pacific UNLI flight promo – here’s how you can win

PHILPPINES – Enjoy unparalleled travel experiences all year round with Maya, the #1 Digital Bank in the Philippines. Elevate your financial game and stand a chance to win unlimited flights powered by Cebu Pacific throughout 2024 by embracing the thrill of seamless transactions and bold financial pursuits. Happy You Year indeed – here’s your guide to winning a year full of jet-setting journeys:

1. Refer a friend to Maya and share the joy

Referring a friend to Maya isn’t just rewarding; it’s your ticket to UNLI flights. Earn 10 raffle entries for each successful referral while supporting your family and friends in reaching their financial goals by encouraging them to get banked with Maya. Break free from gatekeeping, spread the joy, and let your friends soar with you.

2. Pay with Maya for cashless and rewarding adventures on a daily

Experience saving while spending plus the convenience of going cashless with Maya Card, Wallet, and Credit. Simply make three transactions a day and effortlessly secure a raffle entry. From shopping in the mall to ordering food online to booking flights during Cebu Pacific seat sale, these transactions will surely bring you closer to your dream destinations in 2024.

3. Elevate your Maya Savings for your travel goals

With Maya Savings, you can witness your money thrive with up to 14% p.a. interest as you go about your daily transactions. Take it a step further by effortlessly organizing your funds using the Personal Goals, guaranteeing 4% interest p.a. on each goal. Deposit a minimum of P250 into either your Savings account or Personal Goals to secure a raffle entry. For Time Deposit Plus, you can start with a low total goal amount of just P5,000 to enjoy boosted interest rates with no minimum balance. Begin with a minimum deposit of P250 and snag an additional raffle entry as you level up your saving game!

4. Invest small in Funds, Stocks or Crypto to win big experiences

Start the year by exploring your money’s potential and kickstart your investment journey this 2024. With as little as P250, you can earn a raffle entry every time you buy or sell with Maya Crypto. Add another entry when you invest in Maya Funds and cash in to Maya Stocks with just P500. As your money grows, so do your chances of winning UNLI flights.

5. Settle Bills before jet setting all year long

Streamline bill payments and keep your mobile load topped up with Maya. For each bill payment of P250 or more, secure a raffle entry per biller. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing mobile or prepaid load with just P100. Every transaction fuels your chance to jet off on unlimited adventures.

With Maya’s array of features, turning your 2024 financial and travel goals into achievements has never been more exciting or accessible. With every use, you’re not just managing your money—you’re earning raffle entries for a chance to win unlimited flights throughout 2024. Seize the opportunity, join Maya today, and turn your everyday transactions into tickets for a year full of jet-setting journeys.

Promo Details: Open to all upgraded Maya users, the UNLI flights promo for the entire 2024 runs from January 1 to February 29, 2024. For more information, visit Maya’s Happy You Year Promo.