MaYi Theater Company’s “The Wong Kids” Will Wow You

wongkids5The ber months is upon us and with that, interesting stage shows have presented themselves left and right.

Children’s plays have become so popular among theater groups, whether minor or major and that is a great sign that our local theater is very much alive and people take time trooping to different venues from north to south of the city.

I never heard of  MaYi Theater Company of New York before until they’ve collaborated with our Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in association with the brilliant and talented Tanghalang Pilipino actors for this cool show, “The Wong Kids” with Ralph B. Pena as director and wittingly written by Lloyd Suh.


“Meet the Wong Kids! You’ll never know what sort of amazing superhero lives inside you until you’re unexpectedly thrust into a superhero adventure! Join the Wong Kids as they telekinetically move rocks, telepathically travel through space, meet the Prognosticator, outsmart the Bandersnatch, climb the Giantest Mountain, befriend the dragon Qweeguin, dodge asteroids, and heroically defeat the Evil Space Chupacabra to save the planet from ultimate destruction! THE WONG KIDS IN THE SECRET OF THE SPACE CHUPACABRA GO! Written by Lloyd Suh. Directed by our very own superhero Ralph B. Peña!”
——– Ms. Liesl Batucan, Associate Director, Associate Director

wongkids4Ma-Yi Theater Company develops new plays that explore and affect Asian-American experiences while challenging the perceptions of what culturally specific theater should be. By producing forward thinking plays by today’s emerging playwrights, Ma-Yi Theater Company believes that theater can play an important part in breaking down barriers and increasing the understanding and appreciation of the cultural and ethnic diversity of our contemporary society.

The exciting cast consists of Aldo Vencilao, Blanche Louise Buhia, Aika Zabala, Jonathan Tadioan, Marco Viaña and Julienne Mendoza.

wongkids3“The Wong Kids” Production Team is composed of:

Scenic Design: Meredith Ries
Costume Design: Mio Infante
Lighting Design: Barbie Tan Tiongco
Sound Design: Shane Rettig
Puppet Design: David Parkinson Valentine
Sound Associate: Joseph Wolfslau
Original Song: William Elvin Manzano
Musical Direction: Joed Balsamo
Choreography: Edana Mae Labitoria
Production SM: Kerstin Pinto
Production Mgr: Dodo Lim
CCP Production Mgr: Clottie Gealogo-Lucero
Ma-Yi Producer: John Kurzynowski
Ma-Yi Exec Dir: Jorge Ortoll
CCP Artistic Director:Chris Millado
Directed by: Ralph B. Peña
Associate Director: Liesl Batucan

I personally know some of the cast and I totally look up to them when it comes to dedication and passion to their stage crafts! Advanced break a leg, guys and gals! Can’t wait to get “wowed” by MaYi Theater’s “The Wong Kids”!

Please do yourselves a big favor.  Do come and watch this exciting play tucked with a lot of outer space adventure and back!
For the young and young at hearts!

Save these dates: September 16, 21, 22, 23 (10 am); Sept. 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25 (2 pm);
and Sept. 15, 17, 24 (8 pm) at the CCP Little Theater.

For further inquiries, do contact the CCP Marketing 832-3704/3706 and Tanghalang Pilipino at 832-1125 loc. 1620-1621.


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