Mental health disorder, racial discrimination and couple relationship crisis during Covid19

Covid 19 is such a huge disaster in our normal life. It kills millions of people right away without proper burial. If you could imagine you die today and get cremated right after your death without a proper burial. Aside from spending a lot of money in the hospital.

During the 3 months and counting of global lockdown isolation. I observed that a lot of people from different country we’re not the same as they were before. They are out of their mind, some does looting and other are committing suicide. Those mental health imbalance needs to be addressed right away during crisis like after war shock.  By a certain mental, spiritual and psychological expert.

Lots of couple are committing domestic violence, as you probably heard in the news and social media. The rape cases among family members and in the community increases during this pandemic lockdown. Some of the long-distance relationship became more crucial to challenges. Because you didn’t know if you’re still going to see each other.

So lucky are those are in lockdown with their partners. Most people need to wait for months to see their partners and even do a 14 day quarantine after arrival at the nearest airport. They need to be tested right away on their health status. Whether positive or negative in Covid19, STD and other health problems. Most Americans get addicted into alcohol during lockdown that cause their behavior to be so aggressive.

Like what I’ve seen in the news and social media. People are burning Popeye restaurant, looting Grocery, Rolex, LV and Nike store.  They think that George Floyd would be happy about this protest. All I can say is that silent protest is good like what Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali does. It gains so much of my respects and honor.

But looting is a crime, vandals and burning somebody’s property aggressively for me is s mental disorder that needs to be corrected. It will only make the never-ending discrimination occur. Now look out why people hate some of Chinese? Because of Covid19 origins, and irresponsible handling of news from Wuhan.

Now, I may ask you why people love Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman? Its not because of color,  But its because of talent, hard work and greatness. So be like those Icons like Tyson, Denzel, Barrack, Brashear, Kanye, Floyd, Gardner and Snoop. They were not discriminated and sometimes praises like God by Asians and White people. Not because the they Beg for Black Lives Matter and respect. But because they simply do what they’re best at.

So, stop being a thug, stop the crime, arson, vandals and looting. Stop begging for respect because it is earned and feel not given. Be like them, where you really good at, for sure the racial discrimination and maltreatment will stop.