“Coming out” stories gaining attention in Moovz gay social network

Moovz 'Coming Out' project
Moovz 'Coming Out' project

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrities and Moovz users from all around the world are sharing their coming out stories for Moovz #ComingOut campaign. The campaign, that was launched a couple of days ago in honor of the national coming out day, generated hundreds of coming out stories and winning a lot of exposure and attention from the entire gay population worldwide.

Coming out stories that were never revealed before are now being shared on Moovz Gay Social Network for the last few days, as a part of a campaign that is meant to support the global gay community, led by several popular celebrities, such as Davey Wavey, Matthew Lush, Chris Salvatore, Colby Melvin and many others.

The US gay activists managed to motivate celebrities from other parts of the world to join them, like Nakshatra Bagwe, a gay actor from India which considered being conservative toward gay right, and celebrates the national coming out day for the first time this year. “I was 16 when I sat down in an Internet café and typed the words “I am a boy and I like boys” into Google. Until then I’d never heard of the term ‘gay’ and had no clue what it meant” says Bagwe, who also shared his personal coming out story on Moovz.

Moovz users are sharing their own coming out stories, as a way to encourage those who have yet to come out of the closet. “Coming out can be a very difficult process, but it can also be a very liberating and freeing process, and we believe that coming out stories can unite and empower any gay individual out there” says Chris Salvatore, a famous gay actor and Moovz Ambassador in US. Chris has also shared his coming out story for the first time, getting attention from celebrities like Ricky Martin and many more.

Following the cooperation between Davey Wavey & Moovz for the coming out day, with a special video surprising a gay texas Mormon coming out of the closet, thousands of people have commented and shared their feelings in Moovz about coming out. It created a global topic for people that are not yet familiar with each other, to discuss and support each other.


In the last few days since the start of this campaign, Moovz have seen hundreds of coming out stories shared by its users from all around the world, with huge engagement of other users, and many shares on all major social networks. Download Moovz app to read and watch the stories, and maybe even post your own.

Moovz ‘Coming Out’ videos

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