MSI GeForce RTX 4060 launched

Garrett Morrow at Pexels

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Brace yourself, gamers and creators! MSI, the ultimate brand in True Gaming hardware, is here to rock your world with its groundbreaking announcement. Get ready to experience a whole new level of gaming with the cutting-edge NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti and RTX™ 4060 graphics processors. With a range of options to suit your every need, including the 16GB and 8GB configurations, these powerhouses are set to redefine your gaming experience. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing combination of top-of-the-line performance, advanced graphics technology, and exceptional cooling capabilities across the GAMING TRIO, GAMING, VENTUS 3X, and VENTUS 2X BLACK series.

Say goodbye to mediocrity and prepare to be blown away. The latest MSI GeForce RTX™ 4060 family graphics cards have been meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance for both mainstream gamers and creators. Picture this: gaming at a jaw-dropping 1080P resolution, clocking in at a mind-boggling 100 frames per second, all while indulging in the stunning realism of Ray Tracing and the AI-boosted brilliance of DLSS 3. The GeForce RTX™ 4060 product family brings you the full power of NVIDIA’s revolutionary Ada Lovelace architecture, complete with DLSS 3 neural rendering, third-generation ray-tracing technologies at lightning-fast frame rates, and an eighth-generation NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) featuring AV1 encoding.

Are you ready to unleash your gaming potential? MSI’s legendary GAMING TRIO and GAMING series offer a familiar yet awe-inspiring design that strikes the perfect balance between performance, cooling, and minimal noise. Prepare to be mesmerized by the TORX Fan 5.0 design, where pairs of three fan blades work in harmony, bound together by an outer link that creates a powerful airflow focus. With the updated TRI FROZR 3 and TWIN FROZR 9 cooling systems, your graphics card will remain chilled even during the most intense gaming sessions. Both series feature a sleek brushed-metal backplate that not only adds strength but also facilitates heat dissipation. And let’s not forget the dazzling beauty of Mystic Light, illuminating your graphics card with vibrant colors that synchronize with the rest of your PC through Mystic Light Sync and Ambient Link.

For those seeking a cost-effective option without compromising on performance, the VENTUS series has got your back. With a Spartan design philosophy that cuts through the noise, the VENTUS 3X and VENTUS 2X BLACK graphics cards offer reliability and power at an unbeatable price. Featuring the acclaimed TORX Fan 4.0, a robust backplate, and a sleek aesthetic that complements any build, these cards are ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Plus, the new VENTUS 2X BLACK cards introduce a stealthy dark exterior variant that perfectly suits those seeking a covert, mysterious build.

But that’s not all! MSI has you covered with its groundbreaking software support. Meet MSI Afterburner, the world’s most renowned and widely used graphics card overclocking software. With full control over your graphics card and real-time monitoring of key system metrics, Afterburner is the ultimate tool for squeezing every ounce of performance from your hardware. Prepare to unlock a whole new level of gaming bliss, with higher FPS and a smoother in-game experience. Download the latest version of MSI Afterburner at and enjoy seamless support for the latest generation of graphics cards.

And there’s more! Introducing the exclusive MSI Center software suite, designed to enhance your user experience with its intuitive utilities. With Frozr AI Cooling, you’ll witness a revolutionary approach as your system fans, connected to a compatible MSI motherboard, seamlessly adapt to changes in GPU thermal output, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency.

So mark your calendars, because the highly anticipated MSI GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti 8GB series cards are set to hit shelves on May 24th, 2023. Get ready to transform your gaming experience into a mind-blowing adventure, powered by MSI and NVIDIA’s groundbreaking technology. Don’t miss out on this game-changing revolution – unleash your true gaming potential with MSI!