New GF calls ex-GF a poor farmer’s daughter on Christmas – this is her response


Anette received a Facebook message from her ex’s new girlfriend Phoebe on Christmas with the message “Merry christmas bitch!” Attached to the message is a picture of Phoebe kissing Jomer, the ex-boyfriend.

What followed was a series of messages where Phoebe invites Anette to her wedding and proceeds to call her ‘mahirap’ (poor) and ‘anak ng maglulupa’ (farmer’s daughter):

Phoebe: Merry christmas bitch!

Phoebe: Nasaktan ka na

Phoebe: Dami mo kuda

Anette: And you know wala kmi closure

Phoebe: Sorry magcelebrate na kami

Phoebe: Dont worry update kita

Phoebe: And invited ka sa kasal

Phoebe: Eh d pumunta ka dto

Phoebe: Inggit ka lang

Phoebe: Bitter

Phoebe: Kc d ka makapunta

Anette: Di po ako nainggit

Phoebe: Magirap

Phoebe: Anak ng maglulupa

Phoebe: Mahirap

Phoebe: Hahaha matanda ka na

Anette: Sino kaya ang ang bitch porke nanjan ka lang

Phoebe: Tatlo na anak mo

Phoebe: Wasak na kipay mo

Anette: Wow so

Phoebe: So wag maginarte

Phoebe: Hahahahaa

Phoebe: Everybody knows

Phoebe: Kinakahiya ka nia

Phoebe: Kaya kaw ang tinago!!!

Phoebe: So magtagil ka at tantanan mo boyfriend ko

Phoebe: Kahit puntahan mo pa mami nia walng bearing

Phoebe: Actually unang tanong ng mami nia nung malaman kami, “may anak ba yan”?


Phoebe: Did you get hurt

Phoebe: You meddle too much

Anette: And you know never had closure

Phoebe: Sorry we will be celebrating now

Phoebe: Dont worry I will update you 

Phoebe: And you are invited to the wedding

Phoebe: Then come over here

Phoebe: You are just jealous

Phoebe: Bitter

Phoebe: Because you can’t come

Anette: I am not jealous

Phoebe: Poor

Phoebe: Farmer’s daughter

Phoebe: Poor

Phoebe: Hahaha you are old

Anette: Who is the bitch just because you are over there

Phoebe: You already have three kids

Phoebe: Your vagina is ruined

Anette: Wow so

Phoebe: So stop pretending

Phoebe: Hahahahaa

Phoebe: Everybody knows

Phoebe: He is ashamed of you

Phoebe: That’s why he hid you!!!

Phoebe: So why don’t you stop bothering my boyfriend

Phoebe: Even if you go to her mom it will have no bearing

Phoebe: Actually her mom’s first question when she found out we were together, “does she have kids”>

In response, Anette posted screenshots of the conversation along with the following message:

So my ex’s new girlfriend sent this messages to me on Christmas eve.. Ayoko na sana ipost pero sana sumikat cya.. Sorry di ako mayaman, kaputian at kakinisan pero I am confidently beautiful with a heart. Chos! ‪#‎phoebe****** ‪#‎jomer*******

Screenshot of the conversation between Anette and Phoebe
Screenshot of the conversation between Anette and Phoebe


So my ex’s new girlfriend sent this messages to me on Christmas eve.. I was not planning to post but I hope she becomes famous.. Sorry I am not rich, not that fair, nor am I that smooth-skinned but I am confidently beautiful with a heart. Chos! #‎phoebe****** ‪#‎jomer*******

Have you ever received a message from the obsessive new girlfriend/boyfriend? What do you think?


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