What a New Photographer Should Do When You Get a New Camera

Got a new camera from the last Christmas season? Or perhaps it’s a gift from a loved one who has seen your skills as a photographer?

I am so excited for you!

It is going to be an overwhelming journey but don’t worry.

I remember the first time I got a DSLR and I knew this is one career I am going to take no matter what. Soon I became a newborn photographer here in Melbourne to capture unique moments.

So here are some tips I want to share with every aspiring photographer.

Check The Box and Read The Manual

I am serious here.

I know that you are excited but make sure that you do an inventory on what is inside the box. This way you can list the items you will still need to get to start your career.

If you got a DSLR, you should get a camera body, charger, and battery. There should be a user manual and warranty information. Don’t get shocked if there is no lens included in the box. Some DSLRs have the lens in the box while others don’t.

Do not throw away the box and keep the packaging intact. In case you want to sell your camera and upgrade to better equipment, the box can help you sell the camera easily.

Remember to read the manual after opening the box. I can’t promise that this is an exciting read but it will be worth spending your time on. It will teach you how to safely use your camera. You may also find interesting features you didn’t know.

Get The Essentials

If you have no lens yet, you must get one. You can start with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. This lens is great for beginners since it is not as expensive as the others yet it offers versatility. This means it can perform well in low light and get the background blur for the perfect shot.

You should also get a memory card to store the photos. The manual should suggest which memory card will be the best for your camera. Buy one with big storage as much as your budget permits. But there are surely a lot of options in the market with a vast range of prices.

Protect your camera with a specialized bag. It is best to buy a bag that does not scream that you are carrying expensive equipment.

Get Inspired

Even with a nice camera, it’s hard to conjure inspiring ideas to start your career. But don’t worry much! You can easily tap away in Pinterest to find inspiration in your chosen topic. It is best to keep a Pinterest board and take notes of the photos you loved. You can also purchase photography books.

Your first photos may not be as perfect but these images that you liked can help you train your eye for details you have never thought of initially.

Invest in Your Education

Invest in your skills.

Photography is not an easy career to take. If you are serious enough, it is only natural to take courses to help you reach your dreams.

Invest your time practising as well. Figure out how to blend the lighting, composure, white balance and editing. There are a lot of factors that can affect an image. The more you practise, the more intuitive you get with these.

Join Communities

Surrounding yourself with likeminded people. This way, you’ll get more inspiration and encouragement. There are also some techniques and knowledge that a community can help you learn but you can’t just get in a workshop.


A community can help you with your journey.

I find it easy to ask questions in a community forum of photographers. I also feel obliged to share my ideas and expertise with other photographers who want to be better with their craft.

Take More Pictures

Your first images may not be as perfect as you want them to be but the best thing is that you have started your photography.

Take photos of a stationary object and play with lighting and picking focus point. I know that it’s great to try newborn photography, but I still recommend to do a shoot with less movement and distractions.

Getting a new camera is exciting and can open doors of career opportunities. It may be a bumpy road but constant learning and practice will make the difference.