Why New Year’s Resolutions Will Look Different In 2021

After countless years of similar New Year’s resolutions, 2021 is shaping up to be a little different. Following an unprecedented year, it’s likely that many people’s resolutions for the next year will look starkly different from those of times past.

Rather than focusing on shallow or short-term goals, for example, there may well be a widespread trend toward setting meaningful, long-term goals that address family time and personal growth.

There are several other factors that may play a role in shaping upcoming resolutions as well, from a bigger focus on preparing for the future to a diminished interest in material objects.

Rather than stressing out over high-end, flashy sports equipment, for example, you might see those shopping for a women’s bike in search of comfort bikes that can help sustain all-around health.

Here are some other potential trends.
Look for a Strong Focus on Wellness and Fitness.

The past year has brought health to the forefront of everyone’s minds and reminded many people why staying healthy is so important. Because of this, the fitness goals of yesteryear could shape-shift a bit.

Whereas in past years, it was all too common o hear resolutions involving losing a few pounds or getting trim to look great in a bathing suit for an upcoming vacation, next year’s fitness goals are likely to be related to an all-around philosophy of wellness.

This goal isn’t as complicated to reach as it might sound, either – for instance, you can simply find cheap electric bikes for sale and commit to spending a half hour being active outdoors every day.

Expect a Greater Emphasis on Savings and Future Preparations. While old goals may have been all about living in the moment and not spending too much time thinking about tomorrow, the events of the past year have demonstrated to many the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

While you can’t control what may or may not happen, you can take a few rational and simple steps to give yourself a comfortable safety cushion just in case.

Some of these steps could potentially include:

• Putting away a few extra dollars each week to build up a savings fund
• Teaching yourself a handful of basic recipes you can whip up in a pinch
• Having a list of emergency contacts
Goals Will Likely Be Bite-Sized, Easy on the Mind and Manageable

Unfortunately, it was often all too common in the past to set unrealistic goals that were more likely to lead to stress, exhaustion and eventually disappointment than to accomplishment of those goals.

Rather than set the bar unrealistically high, a new trend could be towards bite-sized goals that are easy to digest and don’t put too much of a strain on your mental health. With these manageable goals, you can check off important accomplishments one by one, totally stress-free.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a unique and unprecedented year, so it may come as no surprise that 2021’s New Year’s resolutions are likely to look pretty unique as well. As you set your New Year’s goals, remember that it’s ok to accomplish your goals one step at a time.