Pandawa Agri Indonesia Partners with FGV and NAFAS Agri Services for Sustainable Agricultural Solutions in Malaysia

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Pandawa Agri Indonesia (PAI), an agricultural company specializing in life-science-based innovations, has announced a strategic collaboration with NAFAS Agri Services Sdn. Bhd. (NASSB) and FGV Agri Services Sdn. Bhd. (FGVAS) to introduce WEED Solut-ioN® to the rice smallholder ecosystem in Malaysia.

WEED Solut-ioN®, developed by PAI, aims to reduce pesticide use by up to 50%, offering cost optimization and promising benefits for over 200,000 rice farmers in Malaysia. This collaboration underscores the joint efforts of the three companies in fostering a farming environment that prioritizes sustainability and safety.

Kukuh Roxa, CEO of Pandawa Agri Indonesia, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Our goal is to promote sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia. Working with FGVAS and NASSB, we aim to transform the agricultural landscape by introducing innovative solutions that prioritize environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.”

Having already been utilized by Indonesian farmers and plantations since 2014, WEED Solut-ioN® has seen extensive use, with over 3.5 million liters utilized across various agricultural sectors in Indonesia alone.

En. Syamshul Khamal Bin Mohd Ramli, CEO of NASSB, emphasized their commitment to environmentally friendly agriculture, stating, “This collaboration with Pandawa Agri Indonesia, our first partnership with an Indonesian agrochemical company, alongside FGVAS, signifies our dedication to advancing sustainable agriculture and maximizing benefits for Malaysian rice farmers.”

The introduction of WEED Solut-ioN® took place during the Seremonial Rapat Agung NAFAS, a platform overseeing nearly 1 million smallholders involved in various commodities in Malaysia. This collaboration solidifies NASSB as a strategic partner in PAI’s mission to establish a sustainable agricultural sector.

Kukuh concluded, “This partnership signifies a transformative step in Malaysia’s agricultural sector. By prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, PAI, FGVAS, and NASSB aim to expedite the transition of Malaysian agriculture towards sustainability, enhance farmer welfare, and promote environmental conservation.”