Pastillas Girl’s mom dies at gunshot to the head

MANILA, Philippines- Pastillas Girl Angelica Jane Yap’s mother, Teresa Yap aka Mommy Pastillas died from a gunshot wound in the head by still unidentified suspect.

According to the report of, Yap was with one of her daughters and her niece came from sunday mass and was about to eat at a roadside eatery in Tagaytay Street in Caloocan when a man suddenly approached her from behind, shooting her at close range.

She sustained a gunshot wound in the back of her head. Yap fell as the gunman fled the scene. Her family and other concerned citizens in the area immediately responded.

According to one of her relatives, Tumping Fabian, Yap received a lot of death threats via text messages saying that she will be finished before Christmas. The messages made her worry but Yap allegedly ignored the threats.

Police officials and investigators were still gathering information about the incident as of posting.

The news first appeared to social media after Darla Sauler broke it in twitter.

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The last happy Sunday of Pastillas Girl with her mom

It could be remembered that Pastillas Girl’s mom appeared in It’s Showtime previously to defend her daughter against the pimping issue accused to her. She also guested several times in the same show to screen the Mr. Pastillas aspirants where Chard Parojinog won in the end.