pH Care partners with to tackle feminine health, hygiene, self-care and more

When was the last time you discussed feminine care openly? Is it a topic among your friends and family? Often, women navigate questions about intimate care on their own: many take the Google search route, where they are faced with often-conflicting or too-general information from mixed sources, or for a small number with access, a private OB-GYN consultation seems to be one of the few ways to satisfy their concerns.

Thing is, feminine care should be an accessible topic to everyone. Especially for young Filipino girls whose knowledge in feminine care often come from friends, social media or even old myths, the theme should be discussed in safe and credible online spaces where women could ask questions and be educated without shame or lecturing rooted in false truths.

On June 29, feminine care brand pH Care and online youth platform launched, a partnership that aims to correctly inform young Filipino girls and students about the ins and outs of what goes on down there. Entitled #phCareToLearn Femme Ed, the campaign aims to dig deep into the body science, what body changes women go through, feminine care experience, unlearn myths and stereotypes Filipinas grew up with, and give expert-grounded advice on how to treat and care for your intimate area.
Hosted by Mica Pineda, the launch event introduced pH Care’s newest ambassadors—Rhea Bue and Jen Barangan, who led the group as they corrected some feminine care falsehoods that Filipinas were conditioned to believe. The ambassadors themselves talked about their new learnings from visiting and explained why this educational advocacy between pH Care and will surely be helpful for students and young Filipino girls.

“By correcting their knowledge on feminine care, we believe that Filipinas inch closer to loving their bodies and appreciating the many great things their bodies can do for them. Education is a higher form of self-care, and our partnership with pushes women to care for themselves better,” shares Cristina B. Aseron, Brand Manager of pH Care.
Together with Cristina, Rhea and Jen also encouraged the audience to join the Care to Learn Quest, a series of activities on the website where participants have to watch several educational videos on female care and answer a short quiz on their learnings for a chance to win gadgets and feminine hygiene gift packs from ph Care. The quest is open for females aged 13 to 24, and accessible through registration via

In the event, the four (4) new and improved variants of pH Care, were introduced as well: pH Care Natural Protection with real Guava leaf extracts for anti-bacterial care, pH Care Cooling Comfort with ActiveCool® for icy fresh feeling, pH Care Delicate White with its Advance Whitening Complex for natural whitening, and pH Care Floral Clean with Dual Hydrating Moisturizers to keep skin soft and smooth. All variants are formulated with pH Care OdorProtech™ that gently cleans and protects you from odor daily, and have the same pH level of 5 that are safe and gentle for daily use.

Join in on the #phCaretoLearn conversation by following @phcare on Instagram and Facebook, exploring a wide range of topics on feminine care, self-love and body positivity via, while winning exciting prizes as you discover more about intimate care by joining the Care to Learn Quest!