PLDT, Smart partner with Ayta community in Porac for mental health program

PLDT, Ayta community in Porac, launch mental health program

PHILIPPINES – Pastor Benny Capuno, a tribal leader in Porac, Pampanga, is acutely aware of the mental strains faced by his Ayta community, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The 2019 earthquake in Porac, which severely impacted the Ayta community, underscored the need for mental health support. This necessity led to a collaboration with PLDT and Smart, resulting in the creation of a Psychological First Aid Program specifically designed for the community’s mental health needs.

Capuno, the mamuun or tribal leader of the Indigenous People’s Political Structures in CADT 123, the ancestral domain of the Ayta MagIndi and Ayta MagAntsi, emphasized the significant benefits of the program. The training provided by PLDT and Smart enhanced the community’s capability to address and understand psychological challenges, fostering resilience and empowerment.

PLDT, Ayta community in Porac, launch mental health program

The initiative is part of PLDT and Smart’s broader commitment to promoting mental health as a fundamental aspect of digital wellness. This commitment aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3, which advocates for good health and well-being. Capuno’s gratitude towards the program reflects a growing awareness and capability within the Ayta community to tackle mental health issues, a crucial step towards their overall well-being and resilience in facing future challenges.