Rak of Aegis: A superb Filipino musical [review]

Finally got to see the Rak of Aegis musical!  Was so excited when I got the news from Denison that there were tickets.  I’ve really wanted to watch this for the longest of time and boy was I so elated when I got on my grab ride on the way to PETA Theater.  There were a few minor bumps but we were able to get in anyway.  We got the best seats n the house.  Not too near to get wet from the “estero” or the rain.  But not to far to miss the blooming of the sunflowers.

Rak of Aegis (photo by: Kyle Venturillo)

Rak of Aegis is truly a superb musicale created by Filipinos, with a very relatable plot and characters that you can easily identify with like your tito or tita, your brother or sister, each playing roles that seemed to have been intently molded into each of their personalities.

Rak of Aegis tells us the story of the Filipino way of life in the “estero” – the good, the bad and even the ugly and then shows resolution or remorse at the end, about changing for the better.

Rak of Aegis (photo by: Kyle Venturillo)

It’s a must see for the whole family.  Interesting new knowledge for your children.  Rak of Aegis is about FAMILY, a Filipino family, of togetherness and bonding, of dreams and talents, broken promises of love, resilience and forgiveness.

Watch it!! You will surely love it!!

(with photos from Kyle Venturillo)