Red Ribbon’s Rocky Road Cake is back – just in time for the holidays

Red Ribbon Rocky Road cake whole regular

MANILA, Philippines – When guests are expected at home, serving a heavenly chocolate cake appears to be a sure crowd pleaser. Red Ribbon—one of the country’s biggest bakeshops—is bringing back one of its best-selling round chocolate cake that’s sure to delight your family and friends.

Red Ribbon’s Rocky Road Cake is now making a grand comeback, carrying with it more delicious toppings that will definitely add more texture and flavor to the family’s time.

The Rocky Road Cake is made of three layers of rich chocolate cake with choco-cream filling, topped with fluffy white cream rosettes, chocolate kisses, soft, white marshmallows and chocolate drizzles.

What makes the Rocky Road Cake even more special this year compared last year is the addition of Red Ribbon’s signature brownies. These chewy brownie bits are topped along with the cake’s other toppings, giving the cake a more moist and chewy texture. Additional sprinkles of cashews and marshmallows are sandwiched in between the cake’s layers, creating a perfect combination of sweetness, softness and crunchiness from the inside and out.

“Social media has made catching up with friends and families very different from before,” said Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon. “But we, at Red Ribbon, believe that nothing can replace person-to-person interaction between families and friends. We want them to share sweet moments like they never did before.”

The Rocky Road Cake is available in all its stores from October 1 to January 31, 2016 for only P585 for regular-sized round cake and P375 for junior-sized cakes. According to Rivera, the limited edition cake is a perfect sweet course for families who want to serve a delightful and hearty dessert.

Rivera said, “Nothing can be better than good company and good food. With the Rocky Road Cake served on the table, there’s no better way to share special moments than a delightful treat that bursts with chocolatey goodness.”

Red Ribbon is one of the fastest growing bakeshop chains in the country that serves great-tasting cakes, breads and pastries, bringing back memories of joy and togetherness, family and home. In every Filipino celebration, whether it’s an every day family gathering or a grand feast, Red Ribbon will continue to make each moment sweeter to people of all ages.

She concluded, “Every moment spent with your loved ones is a moment worth celebrating. At Red Ribbon, we can give you, your family and your friends more reasons to celebrate everyday through sweet and delightful confections—and our Rocky Road Cake is the perfect decadent dessert that will make each moment even sweeter.”