RELX Infinity Plus review: Stylish convenience at the tip of your hands

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Vapers looking for a more convenient and stylish way to smoke (or those looking for alternatives to cigarettes altogether—like Ate Nikki!) may want to try RELX’s latest offering, the Infinity Plus. This newest line of lightweight devices meets the international standards.

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RELX Infinity Plus

With its sleek, curve-edged design and aluminum alloy unibody, the Infinity Plus can easily be slipped into a jeans pocket or stashed into a bag. For vapers in a hurry, RELX’s latest offering features a 380mAh extensive battery life—same as the RELX Infinity—which can charge up to 80 percent within 30 minutes.

RELX Infinity Plus

Fully charged, the Infinity Plus allows users to puff up to 400 times—more than enough to get anyone through the day! A built-in power indicator lets users know just how much battery juice is left, so it’s easier to charge the device as needed.

Vapers will enjoy a super smooth experience using the RELX Infinity Plus since it is designed to prevent any leakages! With its 11 leak-resistant maze-design layers, vapers can say goodbye to e-juices leaking from their devices.

RELX Infinity Plus

What’s more, the Infinity Plus’ Super SmoothTM technology ensures you can have a smooth vaping experience from the first puff until the last.

The RELX Infinity Plus also comes in different colors to complement every user’s personality. Shades include Black Phantom (black), Lunar Dust (silver, which is what we are featuring in the video), Hidden Pearl (luminous white), Very Peri (lavender), Rising Tide (blue) and Pink Whisper (pink). Just for the holidays, two limited-edition shades are up for grabs: Enchanted Jungle (green gradient) and Solar Burst (orange).

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RELX Infinity Plus can be purchased only at Official RELX Stores and at Authorized Resellers at its introductory price of Php 1,000. Online, the latest offering from RELX is available via the RELX website and on their official online flagship stores at Lazada and Shopee.

To ensure authenticity, look for the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Department of Health-approved Graphic Health Warnings. You may also scan the QR code directly on the pod or input the 14-digit serial number on the device by visiting