How to remove car windshield stickers with Comglasco Auto Glass

Mathias Reding at Pexels

For car guys who love keeping their vehicles as simpleng pogi as possible, we can understand how irksome it could be to occasionally have to put or update required vehicle stickers. However, for other people, stickers are a cool way to represent some aspects of who they are, as well as their interests, car clubs, or businesses they support. The downside is that taking those stickers off the windshield can be a hassle and if done incorrectly, may require auto glass replacement.

Fortunately, thee are two ways to properly remove stickers from windshields:


Applying sticker remover with a chemical agent that softens sticker adhesives will help them come off the windshield with the least amount of effort.


Use of scraper will remove stickers but must be done repeatedly as it will leave residue and unscraped areas.

To achieve the best results, we are glad to share a combination of both with you.

These are the tools needed for the job:

  • Usual car shampoo and water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A scraper, spatula, or expired credit card made of thin, hard plastic
  • Ice
  • Sticker or adhesive remover like WD-40 or Goo Gone
  • Groovy music, why not?

Rubbing alcohol should be used to first clean the surface. Spray it straight onto the windshield, then wipe it off with a microfiber towel until it is completely dry and spotless. By doing this, you should get rid of any abrasive dirt that can cause the sticker and any remaining adhesive to harm the glass surface when you try to remove them.

Furthermore, you can use other cleaning supplies for this, such as glass cleaner or car shampoo. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose; nonetheless, it’s advisable to go with one that you know and trust. However, you can stick to rubbing alcohol since it is a common household item.

Comglasco Aguila Glass

Place an ice pack over the sticker to cool the adhesive for a few minutes, The sticker should then be removed using the spatula or plastic card. Some individuals even use razor blades; however, we don’t advise this because you could hurt yourself or unintentionally scratch the glass.

You can begin removing the sticker by starting at the edge with your spatula or plastic card. Repeat until you have a flap that is large enough to be grabbed with your fingers.

Adhesive residue will be left on the glass surface as expected and if this residue is not thoroughly cleaned, it will attract dust and debris and could look pretty bad. The damaged area can be sprayed with WD-40 or Goo Gone, let it sit for a while before using the spatula to remove it. It ought to be quite simple to remove. Once it has started to do its thing, you can begin scraping away using a plastic scraper. Keep pushing gradually if the adhesive is resistant.

Complete the cleanup

Always use glass cleaner and microfiber towels to finish the work for a spotless and clear result. Spray the surface with glass cleaner and wipe it until it’s spotless after entirely removing the sticker and any remaining adhesive. The satisfaction of seeing windows and windshields clean of stickers is unmatched.

For more information on windshield-related concerns or to schedule a replacement windshield, feel free to visit any Comglasco Aguila Glass branch near you to avoid developing windshield problems that may drain your time and money.