Watch Rico Blanco pay tribute to summers past in “Alaala”

PHILIPPINES – Summer months may be hot and a little unbearable, but most will tell you that it’s a good time as any to reminisce. For all of us, summer is a time of fun and relaxation, with a lot of fond memories made from the season.

A song that does a good job in bringing back those great summer memories is Filipino rockstar Rico Blanco’s “Alaala,” which touches on the feeling of walking familiar streets and recalling a wonderful and exciting past. The song is wistful as it asks the listener whether some things are simply just memories and feelings.

The song’s contemplation of the good times of the past makes it—and Blanco himself—perfect as the centerpiece of a new digital ad for Imperial Blue whisky. In the video, Blanco recalls summers past spent with his friends, trusty guitar, and a great bottle of Imperial Blue, eventually reaching to the present day where they continue to keep it real and make new memories with the drink in virtual e-numans.

Imperial Blue is an ideal choice for wonderful moments like these spent with your best friends, as it’s a fine and easy-to-drink imported blend of quality grains and select Scotch malts. Imperial Blue is a medium-bodied whisky with a touch of smoke and a smooth, pleasant finish. Imperial Blue Light comes with a fruity, sweet, and rounded taste; and a silky soft finish with a touch of sweetness. Best of all, it comes with a “barkada-friendly” price tag. Imperial Blue 700ml is available in supermarkets and convenience stores starting at an SRP of P249, while Imperial Blue Light 700ml is available at a starting SRP of P199.

“Imperial Blue is the perfect whisky for great moments where you want to keep it real with those closest to you. It’s the exact feeling we want to convey in our new campaign starring an OPM icon, in Rico Blanco—we want Imperial Blue to be a big part of the bonds made by friendship,” said Kurt Ducusin, Pernod Ricard Brand Executive.