Robust analytics solution available for all Canvas customers at no additional cost

Instructure, the maker of Canvas, has announced the release of Canvas Admin Analytics, a powerful new set of features available to all Canvas LMS customers at no additional cost starting today. Canvas Admin Analytics provides administrators with valuable self-service analytics to understand Canvas adoption and usage, course activity and outcomes and student engagement. This new feature set makes Canvas usage data clear, enabling customers to make timely decisions about training, support and feature implementation. It will also help customers deliver a consistent learning experience, resulting in improved institutional efficacy and elevated student outcomes.

Canvas Admin Analytics saves time by surfacing data about Canvas adoption and how students interact with course content, enabling administrators to detect opportunities to drive improvement. Administrators now have easy access to data they need to:

  • Strengthen Canvas adoption and feature usage to streamline the student experience

  • Make data-informed decisions about training needs to ensure best practices are used consistently across the institution or district

  • Identify intervention opportunities for students who may be at risk

“Making timely, meaningful use of data and technology is critical to institutions, educators and students. Administrators and educators need to be data-informed now, without the time and additional cost of building reports and analysis. The data in Admin Analytics should be readily accessible to our customers–that’s why we made it part of the core offering,” said Shiren Vijiasingam, chief product officer at Instructure. “With Canvas Admin Analytics, they can now easily access relevant information to help drive timely decisions to improve the likelihood of student achievement.”

Canvas Admin Analytics features crisp, interactive dashboards which organize and present Canvas adoption and engagement data with enrollment and course data in interactive charts.  The dashboards provide access to data previously unavailable to customers or that required significant effort to uncover.

While some competitive LMS solutions offer dashboards, most charge a significant premium. Canvas Admin Analytics is now available to all Canvas users for no additional cost. Key features of the dashboards include:

  • An institution-wide view with multiple filters to personalize data by subaccount, term, course, or instructor

  • Over 20 charts and tables visualizing pivotal metrics such as enrollment and course activity trends, course averages and outcomes, interactions by feature, instructor feature adoption and activity and student activity and grade averages

  • The ability to drill down into detailed views from any chart and the ability to go directly to a Canvas course from the dashboards

  • The ability to export data in various formats

The Instructure product team designed and built Canvas Admin Analytics based on customer feedback, including beta testing by institutions around the globe. Early users celebrated the time saved, visibility into ROI and opportunities to reinforce student engagement and success.