ROMOSS gift guide: Top 3 portable chargers for you and your loved ones this Holiday season

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As Christmas approaches, Filipinos eagerly anticipate the festive season, filled with traditions, joy, and the spirit of giving. Among the various aspects that make this occasion special, gift-giving holds significant importance.

For those considering practical and functional gifts, here are 3 ROMOSS of portable chargers that could be the perfect fit for your loved ones this holiday season:

1. ROMOSS 10000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank: WMS10

The WMS10 by ROMOSS presents a compact and convenient power bank equipped with a built-in cable design featuring a 14N strong magnetic force. This design ensures stable wireless power charging while maintaining a portable size comparable to the weight of three 500ML plastic water bottles. Ideal for daily use, this power bank caters to individuals who rely heavily on their devices, ensuring uninterrupted power for essential tasks.

2. ROMOSS 20000mAh PD Power Bank: PAC20

For adventure enthusiasts or those constantly on the go, the PAC20 offers a powerful solution. This power bank includes two built-in cases to accommodate different device types and employs PD fast charging technology, capable of providing an iPhone with 50% charge in approximately 30 minutes. Its versatility extends to charging three devices simultaneously, making it an asset during travels or busy schedules.

3. ROMOSS 65W 40000mAh “EZ Carry” Portable Power: PMT40

The “EZ Carry” by ROMOSS stands out as a light, innovative outdoor power supply with a 40000mAh capacity, weighing approximately as much as a single plastic water bottle. Sporting a 65W fast charger, it meets the demands of multiple devices, offering efficiency and adaptability. Its aesthetic appeal, with a metal casing and matte texture, caters to various settings, enhancing its overall usability and style.

ROMOSS introduces these portable chargers, including the “EZ Carry,” designed to blend functionality with style. Set to debut in the Philippines just in time for Christmas, these devices promise an efficient charging experience and a fashionable design to complement any lifestyle.

While Christmas approaches, ROMOSS, renowned as the Charging Master, prepares an array of portable chargers to elevate this festive season’s power. As an added bonus, their online shop will feature significant discounts, offering an opportunity not to be missed.