Ruffa Gutierrez + Sarah Lahbati on the cover of Metro November 2014

Ruffa Gutierrrez Sarah Lahbati Metro November 2014
Ruffa Gutierrrez Sarah Lahbati Metro November 2014

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the struggles of her past, love and marriage continue to figure in Ruffas’ future. “After I got separated, I thought I never ever want to get married again. I’m fine the way I am but after seeing these beautiful weddings take place, I still am very hopeful to walk down the aisle again and hopefully with the right man. The man that God will choose for me and not who I choose because of my own reasons…” she pensively said.

Ruffa is very optimistic that one day her daughters will want their mom to be happy and be with someone who’s worth the wait because she have very open relationship with her kids. She is also looking forward to 2015 and has a big surprise for everyone by working in fashion together with her kids, Lorin and Venice.

Meanwhile, at the height of Sarah Lahbati’s career and popularity, she disappeared out of radar and away from showbiz. Rumors of her pregnancy loomed over and haunted Richard. She was gone for five months and people speculated. On June 1 of this year, the pilot episode of E!’s reality series It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez starring Richard Gutierrez and his family aired and a bombshell was dropped. Towards the end of the show, Richard admitted to fathering a son with Sarah. A baby boy uniquely named Zion.

“Chard and I had an agreement, if we had a girl, I would name her. But if we had a boy, he would be the one. And he picked Zion, from the Bible, which means ‘sacred place’ and ‘safe haven’ and I liked the name Zion.”

Read more about Ruffa, her life as a reality TV royalty, and her search for love as well as the new chapter in Sarah’s life in Metro Magazine’s November issue.