Samsung Wireless Audio 360 delivers amazing sound, all around

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R7
Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R7

MANILA, Philippines – As demand listening preference focusing more on going wireless without sacrificing sound quality, Samsung gets ahead of the game with their Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers. This product revolutionizes the way people consume music nowadays. It gives audiophiles a treat of a smooth listening experience and tastemakers a speaker with an avant-garde design–-proving that technology and art can come together.

Playing music at home without hearing it audibly in other parts of the room is now a thing of the past. The Samsung Wireless Audio 360 produces sound evenly in all directions through its patented Ring Radiator technology; which was developed in Samsung’s Audio Lab in California. Whether you’re resting in your bedroom, cooking in the kitchen, or hosting a dinner with family and friends in your balcony, you can enjoy the 360-degree balanced sound wherever you are.

More than just a speaker, the Samsung Wireless Audio 360’s sleek design with a matte black finish also works as a cutting-edge ornament for the living room or dining area. On top of its aesthetic value, Samsung audio engineers have determined that its unique shape is ideal for producing perfectly balanced sound.

These speakers also connect seamlessly with other Samsung products. Wirelessly connect it to your Samsung TV to maximize your movie viewing experience, to your mobile phone or tablet to watch your artist’s performance videos; or to other Samsung Wireless Audio 360 units to fill the house with your favorite music with Samsung’s Multiroom App 2.5.

For music and style enthusiasts who are looking for a ground-breaking piece of audio equipment to change the way they listen to and enjoy sound wherever and whenever, the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 line-up is the perfect speaker that meets your interest. The line-up includes four different speakers having their own distinct design: the elegant R7 unit, the portable compact R6 unit and the harmonious ambient R3 & R1.

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