Sana OL, Present [event]

Sana OL, Present - Official Poster
Sana OL, Present - Official Poster

For almost 6 (six) months, the Philippines has been under lockdown due to the continous increase of COVID-19 cases in the country. Despite having the longest quarantine period, Philippines remain to have the most number of cases in Southeast Asia due to the lack of support and medical solutions from the government. In addition, more issues continue to arise each day along with the pandemic such as economic recession, mental health problems, and issues with our very own homes. While

all of these are happening, one of the biggest problems that children and young adults are facing today is undergoing online classes. With this, it is clear that the government does not pay attention to the needs of its people as it continues to push through with a neoliberal form of education despite the lack of resources and preparation of schools and students for this new mode of learning.

In response to these pressing national issues, UP Replings 19BC, applicants for The UP Repertory Company, will be staging their very own online theatre production entitled “Sana OL, Present”. This is a twinbill production featuring the plays “Present!” And “Sana OL: Tale as OLd as Taym”.

“Present!” is about incoming Grade 12 students along with their homeroom adviser – preparing for their upcoming online classes through an online video meeting. Despite of having different situations and challenges in life that they are facing during the pandemic, all of them will share the same occuring struggle as the online class starts – it will later result into a call to action because of an unbearable conflicts that is faced with every individual in their class.

“Sana OL: Tale as OLd as Taym” revolves around Ola who has two realities – one being narrated, the other being acted. What binds these two together is the fact that in both realities, there exists kings/leaders who rule yet don’t care about their people. So their seperate journeys have one same trajectory – to be socially aware of their surroundings and to be exposed of the real world and set-up they are actually in.

“Sana OL, Present” will officially premiere on September 13, 2020, 7PM on their Facebook page, “Sana OL, Present”  through FB live. This is done in partnership with Rise 4 Education’s Tulong Isko, a donation drive for students who are having a hard time adjusting and transitioning into remote learning due to technological limtations.

So make sure to watch it with/make your family, friends, classmates, lovers or colleagues watch it in the “comfort” of your own homes because Sana ol, present sa premiere!

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