Silakbo: The 23rd Playfest [event]

Despite the pandemic, The Dulaang ROC Playfest transitions to an online platform and continues its tradition of
hosting play competitions welcoming ROC and non-ROC members alike. This production serves as a culmination
and celebration of talent that showcases the organization’s vision of highlighting Filipino playwrights while also
celebrating the University’s thrust, UNITAS.

The teams for Dulaang ROC Playfest 2021: Silakbo consists of five teams from the University of Asia and the
Pacific, two teams from Jose Rizal University, and one team from De La Salle University. Two teams will perform
each day on April 26, 27, 29, and 30, 8-9 PM, on Dulaang ROC’s Facebook page. Silakbo, when translated, pertains
to an overwhelming emotional outburst. With this theme in mind, the eight plays that are part of Playfest 2021 will
showcase different outbursts of emotion.

Rush Hour

By Mike Racho and Ione Basa

Because of a fight after just being reunited and rush hour stranding them in traffic, Eddie and Terri must discuss
whether they should still see each other.

Online Class

By Gabrielle Anne Carreon

While Mark prepares his papers inside his online class, three people enter the video conference for different reasons.
Despite having different personalities and coming from different walks of life, all four have the same objective: to
get out of there.


By Matthew Francis Mendoza

Dino witnessed the murder of his father. Years later, he became a successful journalist and discovered what led to his
father’s death. He pursues what his father started, but he meets enemies who will, later on, jeopardize his plans and
his family.


By Denise Mae Ferreras

Three friends bond over lunch and talk about their ex (yes, they all dated the same guy) who is about to get married.


By Bryll Jay Carilla

After a long day from school, Jake goes home to study before being pestered by his twin brother Clyde. They talk
about the future and the promise Jake swore he would never break.

Katulad Nila

By Ma. Gabrielle A. Ruiz

Nico and Ana have to tell the latter’s parents that their engagement is off. Having parents who do nothing but bicker
day in and day out, will Ana be able to break the news to them?


By Earl Harry Bea

Awakening from a possible intruder in the dead of night, Hope calls for a lifeline. As she tries to keep herself safe,
she learns to fend for herself from the intruder— and her traumatic grief.

Urban Camper

By Maxine Mananquil

Kian, Carl, and Danica Mae went camping in the woods. They begin telling stories about the so-called Boogy
monsters, and everything was fine— until the monsters appeared.