Taste the World with Minute Burger

Minute Burger Brioche Bun PosterMy birthday this year was marked with quite a busy events coverage day. Starting the day with a press conference on the Valentine’s show of world class performers Lani Misalucha and concert king Martin Nievera. After which a blogcon for a new album launch and later that day off to a burger event in the Katipunan, Quezon City area.

It was my first Minute Burger blogger’s event featuring their TASTE of the WORLD burgers campaign. 

Taste of the World reintroduces all four BIG TIME  sandwiches and the origins where each burger had been taken from. Most Importantly is the noticeable upgrade: all four have been enriched using a BRIOCHE bun. Tastier, creamier, and even more tender that the original oatmeal-sprinkled premium, BRIOCHE is greatly considered a better substitute for normal bread.

These were the four delicious flavors we sampled: 
Bacon Cheeseburger featuring the taste of America
Black Pepper Burger representing India
Beef Pizza Burger  featuring an Italian taste
Crispy Chicken Burger with Roasted Sesame that should remind us of Japan 
minuteburgerThe new brioche buns supremely enhances the overall taste and presentation of all four BIG TIME sandwiches, making our premium burgers more inviting and mouth-watering,” Odie Dela Cruz, Brand Manager of Minute Burger, proudly shared.  
minuteburger3“As a brand, we always think of different and creative ways of fulfilling our Sulit Sarap Kasama promise to all our customers. Our Taste of the World campaign justifies our commitment to always surprise, delight, and excite our loyal customers with premium products that are within reach of every Filipino consumer,” Dela Cruz added.

After sampling all four flavors, I must say that I was surprised with the taste of Black Pepper Burger of India because it’s sauce was sweet and I was expecting it to be a bit spicy. I liked it because I am a fan of sweet sauces. 
minuteburger4  Odie Dela Cruz, Brand Manager, Minute Burger
Minute Burger USA  Bacon Cheeseburger  @P61.00
Photo Credit:  Vance Madrid 

Minute Burger India  Black Pepper  Burger @P55.00
Photo Credit:  Vance Madrid 
Minute Burger Italy  Beef Pizza Burger  @59.00
Photo Credit:  Vance Madrid 
Minute Burger Japan   Crispy Chicken Burger with Roasted Sesame @P58.00
   Photo Credit:  Vance Madrid

There was  a fun group activity that we all participated in after we got divided into four groups each representing the four featured countries and its tastes. I belonged to Team Italy and for a short period of time me and my two other team mates helped decorate and plate our Beef Pizza Burger alongside other decorations related to an Italian foodie lifestyle. I was also requested to interpret and explain our simple but meaningful entry. Our strongest competitor decoration-wise was Team India.

After careful evaluation, the Minute Burger awarded the Grand Prize to our team…Team Italy because of the touching and heartfelt story I was able to come up with based on the significance of our burger flavor. MaNy thanks Sir Odie and MB Team for the prizes and recognition. Wohoooo!!! 
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