Telephoto lenses in smartphones to rise in 2024 – OPPO

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PHILIPPINES – The rising popularity of telephoto lenses in smartphones, as indicated by over 200 million sales globally in 2022, is expected to soar even higher in 2024. Counterpoint Research’s latest report highlights this trend, driven by consumers’ growing demand for superior zoom and portrait capabilities. Telephoto lenses, once a luxury, are now essential for capturing life’s moments with clarity and detail.

In China and globally, the integration of telephoto cameras in smartphones has seen a significant increase, reaching 19.3% and 24.4% respectively. These lenses offer unparalleled sharpness and artistry in photography, rivalling traditional cameras. The ability to zoom without compromising image quality has made telephoto lenses a favorite in the smartphone market.

The report also notes a surge in demand within China’s economically priced smartphone segments. This reflects a consumer trend towards premium features in affordable devices. In response, smartphone brands are equipping mid-tier phones with telephoto capabilities, previously reserved for high-end models.

OPPO, a leader in mobile photography innovation, continues to democratize high-quality photography with its Reno series. The Reno10 series, featuring a telephoto lens, marked a milestone in making top-tier photography features accessible to a broader audience. The upcoming Reno11 Series is anticipated to further solidify OPPO’s position in the market.

In conclusion, the future of mobile photography is bright, with telephoto lenses playing a crucial role. OPPO’s Reno series is at the forefront of this innovation, meeting the growing consumer demand for sophisticated photographic capabilities in smartphones. The Reno11 series, equipped with a telephoto lens, is set to make studio-level photography more accessible to everyone.

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