TerraMaster adds ‘Duple Backup’ to enhance NAS securitym redundancy

PHILIPPINES – TerraMaster, a provider of storage solutions for home users and businesses, has recently unveiled the most powerful 4-bay NAS F4-424 Pro and the latest version of Duple Backup, a professional emergency recovery tool designed specifically for home and business users.

With Duple Backup, users can secure crucial volumes, folders, or iSCSI LUNs in TNAS to multiple destinations such as other TNAS, file servers, and cloud drives to prevent data loss. In the event of a device failure, the lost data can be quickly restored.

Key Features of Duple Backup:

1. Regular Backups

Regularly back up important data in TNAS and store it in a secure location to prevent data loss or damage, ensuring it can be recovered when needed.

2. Multiple Backup Targets

Whether you need to back up TNAS data on other local TNAS devices or file servers, or store data on a remote Rsync or WebDAV server, TerraMaster can meet your requirements. Additionally, TerraMaster seamlessly integrates with popular cloud drives like Amazon S3, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., ensuring secure synchronization with the cloud for easy access and recovery from anywhere.

3. Multiple Backup Modes

Supports incremental mode, mirror mode, multi-version mode, and mixed mode. Users can flexibly choose backup modes to accelerate the backup process and save storage space.

4. Duple Backup Vault

Duple Backup Vault is the server application required by Duple Backup to establish connections with other TNAS devices. It can recognize the backup source, obtain read and write permissions for the shared folder from the remote TNAS device, detect functional interaction and information synchronization between the “Duple Backup” and “Duple Backup Vault” applications, and allow the remote TNAS administrator to monitor the task status at any time. External connections can be interrupted when writing data if unusual conditions occur.

5. Emergency Recovery

Can quickly restore lost data in the event of hardware failure or system failure in TNAS.

Taking Data Security to the Next Level

The collaboration between TerraMaster Centralized Backup and Duple Backup creates an indestructible fortress in terms of data security for users. With their powerful features, the “Centralized Backup” application can seamlessly aggregate various data such as Windows devices, file servers, and virtual machines on TNAS for centralized management and recovery. The “Duple Backup” application strengthens this defense line further by mirroring essential data in TNAS to other storage devices or the cloud, ensuring data security in extreme situations. The seamless cooperation between these two applications provides comprehensive protection against any data risks, ensuring the absolute security and integrity of the data.

Data Backup for F4-424 Pro

The newly released F4-424 Pro, in combination with the newly released Duple Backup, assists businesses in easily backing up data on NAS, supporting off-site backup or cloud storage, and significantly improving the data security of TNAS devices.