New TerraSync app turns TNAS into a private cloud for easy file sync

PHILIPPINES – TerraMaster, known for innovative storage solutions, recently unveiled TerraSync, a new backup solution designed to transform TNAS devices into private cloud servers. This application facilitates seamless file synchronization across multiple devices, enhancing both efficiency and security in data management.

TerraSync: Revolutionizing TNAS with Advanced Synchronization

TerraSync offers three key synchronization strategies: two-way sync, one-way download, and one-way upload. The two-way sync ensures consistent data between the server and client, reflecting real-time changes on both ends. For download-only scenarios, the one-way download option keeps the client updated with server changes without reciprocation. Conversely, the one-way upload strategy syncs client-side changes to the server, ideal for maintaining updated files across devices.

On-Demand Synchronization and Data Safety

The application’s on-demand synchronization mechanism is a game changer. It enables users to access files without downloading everything locally, saving both storage space and bandwidth. This approach significantly reduces synchronization time.

Data safety is a paramount feature of TerraSync. The application offers file version recording, recovery, and safeguards against accidental deletions or malicious attacks. Users can confidently manage their files, knowing they have robust recovery options.

Wide Availability and Device Compatibility

TerraSync and its client version are available in the APP center. TerraSync Windows is integrated into the TNAS PC desktop application, with Mac, iOS, and Android clients set to launch soon. This broad compatibility ensures that a wide range of devices can leverage TerraSync’s capabilities.