Check Out My Experience at the Toycon 2017 x Pop Life Fan Experience (Day 3)

It was my first time going to the Toycon and I guess I had such great luck ‘coz they said that this year’s Toycon is the best and the biggest Toycon edition by far. There were so many things happening all at the same time – the toy exhibit, the Pop Life Fan Experience Stage, the Cosplay World Summit, etc. There was so much energy and creative vibe everywhere, as mortals, super heroes and villains jive in the super packed SMX Convention Halls.


The Toys

I’m not really a fan of toys (so what am I doing at the Toycon???), but I do appreciate the craftsmanship that go into the creation of every piece. Every toy, big or small was a masterpiece. I just really wished that the exhibit and merchandise areas were a bit more spacious so its easier to move around and appreciate the displays, without bumping with the other goers.





The Super Heroes and Villains – World Cosplay Summit

Who isn’t fascinated by Cosplay even a bit? Toycon is one of the rare occasions where you see your favorite fairy tale or sci-fi or anime characters come to life. I was like a kid who got giddy and wide eyed every time I bump into a familiar character. I have so much admiration for these cosplayers for the thought and effort they put into their costumes, their armor and even their hair and makeup. I was also amazed at how quickly they shift into character when you ask to take a photo of them.







The First Ever Pinoy Pop Culture Award

The very first award of its kind, awarded to icons who have made notable contribution to Pinoy Pop Culture. If you guessed Mars Ravelo , then you definitely know Pinoy Pop culture. Darna, Captain Barbel and Lastikman are just some of the characters he brought to life. These characters lived beyond the ‘komiks’ and got adapted to every form of mainstream media, including movies and teleseryes. They got so ingrained in our culture, that whenever we are asked who the Pinoy Superheroes are, Mars Ravelo’s creations automatically come to our mind.


I was delighted to see this corner dedicated to the works of Mars Ravelo and other notable Filipino Comic artists Alfredo Alcala and Steve Gan (Ang Panday).




The award was also given to the Philippine Cosplay Queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao. She started cosplaying in 2003 when she was only 15 years old. Alodia belongs to the early generation of cosplayers in the Philippines. Throughout the years, she kept reinventing herself, that’s why she never fell off the radar in the cosplaying realm. Like what host Rj Ledesma said, “Alodia is timeless.” When asked what’s next for her, she said that she’s only here now to support the cosplay community.


Mars Ravelo’s family accepted the award on behalf of the great graphic novelist. Also on stage  are Alodia, host Rj Ledesma and the Toycon team.


The Vlog Squad

The Vlog Squad consisting of Jako de Leon (Bogart the Explorer), Baninay Bautista (former PBB housemate) and Wil Dasovich brought in so much energy when it was their turn at the Pop Life Fan Experience stage. Anyone who wanted to become an Internet Superstar definitely picked up some inspiration and lesson from the squad. From the way talk about their work and how generous they were in sharing their stories and humble beginnings, you can tell that they’re genuinely passionate at what they do. Their wit and spontaneity on stage was really refreshing to watch. There was never a dull moment during the panel session. Let me not forget RJ Ledesma who was such a superb host for the segment. Watch a portion of the panel session here


Congratulations to the team behind Toycon 2017 x POP Life Fan Experience! Looking forward to a bigger and even better Toycon next year!


P.S. Yes, that sweet smiling lady on the right is Karen Fukuhara a.k.a Katana of Suicide Squad. She’s one of the international artists that were invited to grace this year’s Toycon.

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