NASA-like Trampoline program to be offered in Manila

Trampoline Park Philippines (Mark Hogsden / Trampoline Park)
Trampoline Park Philippines (Mark Hogsden / Trampoline Park)

Did you know that NASA used to train its astronauts on Trampolines? Well back in the 80’s, NASA was on the quest to find the most effective way of helping astronauts recover and regain bone and muscle mass after being in space for months. American scientists soon discovered the wonders of Trampoline workout, and how it was even more effective than jogging!

That’s why TRAMPOLINE PARK PHILIPPINES just launched its ‘ALL DAY GRAVITY FITNESS’ program. The first program of its kind to be launched in the Philippines, offering a wide variety of unique Trampoline Fitness classes and jumping workout lessons – screened on a large LED screen and delivered by professional foreign trainers – ALL day long, every single Day of the week.

Back in the 80’s, NASA knew that astronauts can lose as much as 15% of their bone and muscle mass from only two weeks in space, at zero gravity, so they had to find a way to help reverse this damage. Trampolines were part of the solution.

NASA compared jogging to trampolining, and discovered that jumping on trampolines can exercise the entire body without excess pressure on the feet and legs, and that “the external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen uptake were significantly greater while trampolining than when running.” In other words, the increased Gravity force when jumping on Trampolines means you get more benefit with less oxygen used and less exertion on your heart.

NASA also discovered, that the acceleration and deceleration of jumping on Trampolines provides benefits on a cellular level and at a greater rate than other forms of exercise, such as jogging.

In Trampoline Park Philippines, the unique Gravity Fitness classes and workout lessons will include a wide range of exciting fitness classes, such as:

  • Introduction to Bouncing on Trampolines
  • Rebound (Trampoline) FIT Beginner/Intermediate Workout
  • Advanced Rebound (Trampoline) Workout Class
  • Caribbean Workout on Trampolines!
  • Anti-Cancer Workout: Special Trampoline Fitness exercises designed to fight and prevent various sorts of Cancer.
  • Morning JUMP FIT Workout – designed for the early risers in mind. This is a great workout to ease your way into your day.
  • Cardio Blast Workout on Trampolines!
  • Relaxation and Stretching Workout on Trampolines
  • Gravity Trampoline Balance Workout
  • And more classes will be introduced soon…

The Anti-Cancer workout for example, is based on another research published in ‘The Physiologist’ ( – which showed how increased Gravity force helps increase the activity in a jumper’s lymph system. This crucial system is responsible for transporting immune cells throughout the body, and by that it supports and strengthens the entire immune system. That’s why jumping on trampolines is often suggested as a detoxifying activity that boosts immune functions.

How can I start jumping for my health?

Well, since Trampoline Park’s new ALL-DAY GRAVITY FITNESS program is provided all day long, every day – there’s no need for finding that specific class on that specific day and hour of the week. Customers can enjoy these unique Aerial workout lessons whenever they visit Trampoline Park. The fitness classes are enjoyed with superb sound-system and great workout music, top of the notch facilities, perfect trampolines and of course – epic FUN!

For those fitness-addicts, Trampoline Park Philippines also offers a membership card, dubbed GRAVITY SPORTS CLUB. This card allows customers to visit Trampoline Park once every day (on weekdays), for only P1,800 per month. There are special offers for those who purchase a 3-months or 6-months package.

For more details just call/text (02 532 5849 or 0905 453 3879) or message Trampoline Park Philippines on their facebook page: And remember the opening hours: Weekdays from 12nn to 9pm (Friday till 10pm), Saturday from 9am to 10pm and Sunday from 9am to 9pm.

All Day Gravity Fitness Classes are included in the normal entrance ticket.