TRIPLES ASSEMBLE24 “All Possibilities Of An Idol”

The highly anticipated tripleS ASSEMBLE24, the complete group that promises to redefine the very essence of idolhood, has finally arrived! Their debut album of the same name has just been unveiled on May 8th at 6PM KST, to the excitement of their global fandom named WAV.

The journey of tripleS has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the unveiling of individual members, from S1 Yoon Seo-yeon to S24 Ji-yeon, marked by personality-rich teaser images, to the earlier formation of unique DIMENSIONS such as Acid Angel from Asia, +(KR)ystal Eyes, LOVElution, EVOLution, and Aria, each step has been meticulously crafted to showcase the diverse charms of tripleS.

Now, with the debut of tripleS ASSEMBLE24, the group is poised to make history once again. The transition from the previous 10-member assembly to the true ‘complete group’ of 24 members marks a monumental moment for tripleS, reaffirming their status as pioneers in the world of K-pop.

Central to the essence of tripleS is their unique ‘COSMOS’, a concept that celebrates the collective power of the fans, known as ‘wave’. Fans have played a pivotal role (participating via their management MODhaus’s official application COSMO), in shaping the destiny of tripleS ASSEMBLE24, most recently choosing the album title track “Girls Never Die” by sending an overwhelming 88,857 COMOs in support.