VIRAL: which jeepney passenger are you?

jeepney passenger drawing by christwinfelix
jeepney passenger drawing by christwinfelix

Tungangang Jeepney is an illustration by Christwin Felix showing the types of people you would normally encounter in a Jeepney Ride:

  1. Trainer aka Driver – The one driving the jeepney, can sometimes be the owner of the jeepney
  2. Protege aka Copilot – The one who assists Trainer (aka driver) by taking payments and handing out change
  3. Side Mirror Hunk – The one seated at the front, can sometimes be a side mirror chick
  4. Checkmate – Trapped in between the Trainer and Tatay Lipatbahay
  5. Tatay Lipatbahay – That guy with a ton of baggage taking up all the space in the middle and boxing out Checkmate
  6. Baby Fragile – The woman carrying a baby, must have seating priority
  7. Kinawawa – The guy sandwiched in between Baby Fragile and Lola Fragile, with only half a butt supported by the seat
  8. Lola Fragile – Old lady not carrying a baby, must have seating priority, sometimes provided by Kinawawa or Ngalay
  9. Di Kita Marinig – Person talking on the cellphone often times without a headset
  10. Gatekeeper – Seated way to the front, blocking the way to the inside of the jeepney
  11. Bad News – That person who takes up jeepney real estate (aka seating capacity) more than a normal person would
  12. Trap – Poor guy or lady seated beside Bad News
  13. Lumagpas – The one who fell asleep, sometimes to wake up at the terminal
  14. Ngalay aka Sabit – The guy who insists on hanging onto a full jeepney and has seen one too many james bond movies
  15. Takpan ng bag ang malikot na kamay – Suspicious looking person whose primary objective your wallet, jewelry, and cellphone
  16. Aylabyu Bebe – Couple riding the jeepney, can sometimes be of the same gender
  17. Busog Sa Kalat – Person enjoying food but sees the streets as his personal trash bin
  18. Sa Binatana Nakadungaw si Kuyang Naliligaw – Lost soul not familiar with the area who keeps looking at the window, worried about where he is supposed to go
  19. Tour Gide, Direksyon at Kasaysayan – Helpful person who acts as a tour guide to Kuyang Naliligaw (and sometimes the rest of the jeepney)
  20. Exam Later – Did not study last night and is now quietly cramming for an exam, hoping it will rain and get cancelled
  21. UnliFB – Spends the entire ride looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or some other social network on the cell phone, can sometimes be playing games
  22. Tugs Tugs – Spaced out to the music, physically inside the jeepney but not really there, usually wears an earphone or a headphone to block out ambient noise
  23. Masayahing Kaibigan ng Driver na Makwento – Seated near the Trainer (aka Driver) and Protege, entertaining and assisting them in passing out fare and change
  24. Totoy Sobre – Not really a passenger, a kid who hands out envelopes asking for alms
  25. Takatak – Not really a passenger, the people you encounter on the streets selling yosi (cigarettes) and candy

So, tell us: Which type of Jeepney Passenger are you?

(via Christwin Felix)


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