vivo Y16: Good budget friendly phone for binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix and YouTube

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vivo Y16

As the world becomes busier and more stressful, it is inevitable for people to find an escape from their day-to-day grind. 

From enrolling in different outdoor activities to purchasing new gadgets and technologies, people are pushing their limits in finding out effective ways to entertain themselves and successfully recuperate from monotonous tasks.

Since most people these days have access to a smartphone device, most online activities they do to make themselves feel good or escape the stress brought by their daily grind are either play online games or binge-watch videos on Netflix, Viu, YouTube, and other popular streaming services.  

Like online games, many find binge-watching as something beneficial. Not only because it establishes beneficial social connections among people but because it helps create a natural sense of enjoyment and relaxation. 

Nowadays, Filipinos are binge-watching K-dramas and popular Netflix series that help divert their attention into something more positive and entertaining. Using a smartphone device is the way to continuously binge-watch favorite shows even outside of home.

A smartphone device with an exceptional display, screen size, clarity, and brightness is a requirement to enjoy such activity as well as triumphantly make the most out of this experience. 

Since most Filipinos are price-conscious yet active seekers of products with supreme quality, vivo Y16 is the perfect smartphone for them.

vivo Y16 has a 6.51-inch Halo FullView (TM) Display with 720 x 1600 pixel resolution. The display gives the phone enough capacity to provide visual quality of digital images, photos, and videos with sharp, clearer, and more refined chracterictics. 

It can display more detailed visual information with perfect color, tone, and contrast that is not eye-sore and perfect when binge-watching  

vivo Y16 is automatically adjusts the brightness of the phone display based on ambient light conditions and filters out harmful blue light to prevent eye strain. Given such impeccable features, it is really one of the most ideal smartphone devices to date because it also considers the welfare of its users. 

Aside from that, vivo Y16 also features 8.9 Ultra Slim body, 128GB storage, Extended RAM 2.0, Multi-Turbo 5.5, and Side-Mounted Fingerprint Unlock. It is also powered by MediaTek Helio P35 octa-core processor and has 5000mAh battery that are perfect for a whole day usage and execptional performace with assured speed and power. 

Looking for a budget-friendly smartphone device with a good display that levels up binge-watching experience? vivo Y16 is the perfect companion of every Filipino binge-watcher.