Welsh Singer Jamie Miller Does Cover Version of Ben&Ben’s “Leaves”

International pop sensation Jamie Miller has taken to social media to share his rendition of “Leaves,” a popular song released in 2017 by the Filipino indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben.

The video, posted on Miller’s official Facebook page, Instagram, and TikTok, showcases his unique vocal talents and genuine appreciation for the song’s emotional depth and lyrical beauty.

photo by Drew Baker

Miller, known for his chart-topping hits and captivating performances, has always been a vocal admirer of music from around the world. His cover of “Leaves” not only highlights the universal language of music but also shines a spotlight on the rich musical heritage of the Philippines.

Accompanied by a simple yet heartfelt caption, “Leaves – Ben&Ben [gray heart emoji] Love this song [stars emoji],” the video has already started to resonate with fans globally, amassing over 21,000 reactions on Facebook and 46,000 likes on TikTok less than 24 hours after it was first posted.

The collaboration between Miller and the Filipino music scene was further highlighted by the engagement from Ben&Ben themselves. Utilizing the duet function on TikTok, Ben&Ben joined in singing with Jamie, creating a harmonious blend that magnified the song’s cross-cultural appeal and demonstrated the deep connection music can forge between artists from different parts of the world.

credit to @miguelbenjamin_ Instagram



The band also left a comment, “beautiful [yellow and blue hearts emojis],” under Jamie’s TikTok video, showcasing their appreciation. They also responded to Miller’s Facebook video with a series of heart emojis, expressing their love and support for his rendition.

Perhaps a collaboration project on a new song between Ben&Ben and Jamie in the future? That’s exciting!

Jamie had several promotional appearances last year here in Manila and we happened to catch his Meet and Greet show at UPTown Center mall in Quezon City.
Miller is represented in the Philippines by NYMA in partnership with his management, EN Management.
NYMA is the talent management arm of Kroma Entertainment.
Hope to see you again next time Jamie!
P.S. Jamie Miller’s solo shots by Drew Baker