WATCH: XG ‘Winter Without You’ music video

PHILIPPINES – Japanese hip-hop/R&B girl group XG has returned with their latest single, “WINTER WITHOUT YOU,” accompanied by a visually captivating official music video. The song, available on their YouTube channel, embodies the poignant emotions tied to reminiscing about distant loved ones during the holiday season, creating a soulful and harmonious winter R&B vibe.

Departing from their signature style, this track introduces electric keyboards and distinctive vocal effects, offering listeners a refreshing and evocative musical experience. The seven distinct personalities of XG beautifully harmonize, weaving a spellbinding winter moment through their latest release.

Notably, XG has garnered significant acclaim, standing out as the sole Japanese artist featured in Rolling Stone’s esteemed ‘100 Best Songs of 2023.’ Their previous single, “LEFT RIGHT,” secured the 77th spot, further solidifying their global presence as they continue to earn recognition alongside renowned US artists in publications like ELLE’s ‘The Best Songs of 2023.’

Looking forward, XG has announced their 2024 World Tour, heightening anticipation among fans worldwide for the next chapter in their musical journey.

For those eager to immerse themselves in “WINTER WITHOUT YOU,” the track is available for streaming and download.