YOUnique conference 2015 with Jayson Lo

MANILA, Philippines – YOUnique Conference 2015 happened this April 14th at the SM Aura Convention Hall 2 in Taguig. The workshop was  conducted by Jayson Lo, a highly sought after public speaker and award winning author. Mr. Lo has done over 2000 talks in over a decade of public speaking. He is also the author of the bestselling books YOUnique, after which the conference is named, and DEBTermined, his personal debt story. Jayson Lo was joined by popular celebrities Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes,  known Radio personality Big Daddy Jake, and hospitality and financial services professional, Lyan Mecano.

with Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon
Books authored by Jason Lo
Sponsors booth

YOUnique, arguably the best personal development workshop available today, reveals the uniqueness of each person according to the four personalities: Dominant Eagle, Influential Rooster, Steady Carabao, and Corrective Tarsier. By understanding the traits of the different personalities, the workshop enables one to relate to each person according to how they want to be treated.

Jayson Lo with Rejj Sibayan