WATCH: Zenless Zone Zero: Urban Fantasy ARPG for PlayStation 5 by HoYoverse

SINGAPORE – In a groundbreaking announcement at the latest PlayStation State of Play livestream, HoYoverse, a global interactive entertainment brand, revealed that their highly anticipated urban fantasy ARPG, “Zenless Zone Zero,” is officially in development for PlayStation 5. This revelation comes after prior confirmations for PC, iOS, and Android platforms.

Zenless Zone Zero, HoYoverse’s latest venture, promises a captivating urban fantasy experience with its unique art style, dynamic music, and innovative urban life gameplay. The storyline unfolds in the aftermath of a supernatural disaster known as “Hollows,” where the last urban civilization, New Eridu, thrives by extracting essential resources from these enigmatic entities. Players take on the role of Proxies, collaborating with distinctive Agents to unravel the mysteries surrounding New Eridu and the Hollows.

During the State of Play Livestream, a riveting trailer showcased characters from Cunning Hares and Belobog Heavy Industries, providing a glimpse into the newly overhauled urban environment of New Eridu. The trailer highlighted intense battles between Agents and their adversaries in the Hollows, concluding with Belle, one of the dual protagonists, navigating the Hollow Deep Dive System.

Empowered by the cutting-edge technology and hardware capabilities of PlayStation 5, the development team is poised to push the boundaries of game design and deliver an immersive experience in New Eridu. Proxies are set to embark on thrilling Hollow battles, promising a new era of urban fantasy and action.

For enthusiasts eager to learn about the release date of Zenless Zone Zero’s PS5 version, HoYoverse recommends staying tuned for announcements on their official website or following @ZZZ_EN on Twitter.