100K peso iPhone 6 Plus blended to dust [video]

iPhone 6 Plus blend test Blendtec blender
iPhone 6 Plus blend test Blendtec blender

The iPhone 6 Plus is the latest phablet (tablet phone) from Apple. Days after its release gray market units started appearing in online stores, going for as high as 108,500 PHP for the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus.

Despite being expensive a number of videos have appeared on the Internet showing the iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus being placed under all kinds of physical stress tests.

One such video shows the iPhone 6 Plus being bent by hand. Rival manufacturer Samsung even came out with a clever advertisement showing a bent phone, presumably the iPhone 6 Plus “bending to” the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Not to be outdone the guys over at RatedRR created a video of an iPhone 6 Plus being blended to dust by a Blendtec blender. Despite its soft exterior the blender was unable to fully destroy the aluminum casing, although it was able to blend the interior components to dust.

Just a word of warning before playing the video, it is very painful to watch a brand new iPhone 6 Plus phone worth almost 100K PHP being destroyed. Have fun! \m/_