38th Annual Grader’s Convention [event]

GradersCon poster
GradersCon poster

The Children’s Museum and Library, Inc., Junior Council – National Executive Board 2017 invites you to join the 38th Annual National Grader’s Convention of Junior Members and Teacher Advisers.

The rise of new technology has made it all the easier to expand the reach of youth; updating that reach with excellence is the promise waiting to be fulfilled at this year’s CMLI Annual Grader’s Convention. Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City is sure to be #LIT with the theme “Dream for the Nation: Engaging the Filipino Youth as Responsible Digital Citizens in Cultivating a Unified Online Community” for this five day convention happening on August 31-September 4, 2017.

The power to influence and be influenced has never been more readily available than at present, with the rise of social media and new technology. But as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”, and that is exactly what the Annual Grader’s Convention aims to instill onto its participants. In keeping a welcoming and constructive approach to this aim, CMLI continues to empower visionary leaders moving to unify and cultivate their communities and their country.

Through various symposia, workshops, competitions, activities, and commission discussions the Annual Grader’s Convention will immerse delegates in the process of building their dreams for the nation.

Will you join us again, as we #DreamForTheNation?

For more information, contact Peavey Alemania at +63.917 584.4958 or Aina Isla at +63.915 871.8994. You may also contact the CMLI Secretariat through +63.2 435.0008 or email cmlijcneb2017 at gmail.com.