From OFW to successful entrepreneur: Bangus Queen Fe Vidal’s story

Karen Davila and 'Bangus Queen" Fe Vidal
Karen Davila and 'Bangus Queen" Fe Vidal

Fe Vidal worked for ten years as a public school teacher and later worked overseas to seek greener pastures, but she became rich and successful after she came home to the Philippines when she started her own boneless bangus business.

This Wednesday (April 9) in “My Puhunan,” broadcast journalist Karen Davila reveals the success story of Fe and how the latter became a millionaire to become Dagupan’s so-called “bangus queen.”

In 1989, Fe started selling 20 pieces of boneless bangus that she herself deboned and prepared using a small capital of P500.

Now, Fe’s company processes about 3,000 to 5,000 bangus a day and supplies products to supermarkets across the country.

Aside from Fe’s success story, Karen also features the famous Bangus Festival and the annual “One Town, One Product Trade Fair” that showcases Pangasinan’s different products and specialties. Karen gets to meet the most successful entrepreneurs in the province and their products such as the popular delicacy called tupig, bamboo handicraft, and longganisa.

Doris Bigornia, meanwhile, features in “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (April 8) the story of Michael, a graduating high school student who crosses the sea to get to school every day by riding a raft he made out of styrofoam and garbage. According to his parents, Michael still attends classes even if it rains. Given his family’s dire situation, will Michael still be able to go to college?

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Photo by Karen Davila on Instagram

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