WATCH: BGC guards beat up and arrest two Englishmen

BGC guards arrest white man scandal video
BGC guards arrest white man scandal video

TAGUIG, Philippines – (UPDATED 1-Oct-14 19:33) A video showing Bonifacio Global City guards restraining a Caucasian man at the corner of 5th and 30th Avenue in BGC at 5:24PM on Saturday September 27 has been uploaded to YouTube in what can be considered a classic case of police brutality.

The video shows an un-armed Caucasian man wearing a light-colored polo shirt, khaki shorts, and blue sneakers being manhandled by at least seven uniformed officers while another one lay still, just a few meters away. Initially he was being restrained by two Bonifacio Global City guards, and two more quickly join the fray.

In the video, a BGC guard not wearing a reflective suit can be seen punching the Caucasian man while two others restrain him
In the video, a BGC guard not wearing a reflective suit can be seen punching the Caucasian man while two others restrain him

A marshal wearing only the standard black and orange guard uniform (no reflector) can be seen punching the Caucasian man in the stomach. A few seconds later he is surrounded and being forced onto the floor, his body pink and sore and his clothes all torn.

In the confusion, one of the guards can be heard saying “posasan mo!” (put cuffs on him) while the white keeps on saying “I’d like you … I’d like you … yes … it’s okay … it’s okay”.

At the end of the video, one of the guards can be seen approaching the cameraman while shouting “hoy! putang ina mo ah! huy bakla!” (hey! you son of a bitch! you faggot!)

At the end of the video, the white man is down on the floor and pleaing to the BGC guards saying "I'd like you ... it's okay"
At the end of the video, the white man is down on the floor and pleaing to the BGC guards saying “I’d like you … it’s okay”

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig contains a very high presence of expatriates from other countries due to the presence of business establishments and BPO (business process outsourcing) companies.

Just two best friends on vacation

According to our source, the two are English best friends Sam & Chris. Sam is a BGC resident and Chris is staying for vacation.

Here’s what happened before this kickboxing incident:

The English men’s names are Sam & Chris, two of the nicest people I’ve known in the city. Sam is a resident of BGC & Chris is his best friend who’s here for vacation.

Sam just wished to use his skateboard and have fun that Saturday Afternoon | Sept 27. They initially played in front of Banana Republic along fifth avenue, two lady police women approached them and nicely told them that they can’t use the board in that area and they instructed them to play at the park instead, which they did.

At the park, a lady marshal | the one shown in the video with a proud look at 1:16 stopped them rudely unlike the police women. As per Sam’s sharing, in their country they look up to their police officers as kings, they respected them and honour them, so their words were gold. So between the police women & the marshals, they believed the words of the police. They insisted to the marshal that they were told that it is okey to skate in that area and that’s where the argument began.

Marshal called for back-up and two Big Marshals arrived, confiscated the skate board, in Sam’s mind he just want to get the skateboard and run off as he was already scared, which he successfully did. Then new set of reinforcements arrive and this video is what happened next. They got caught.

Given, that the marshals’ were right that it is indeed prohibited to skate although ironically, to play IN A PARK, does it have to end this way? Where’s the maximum tolerance ruling? Oh maybe this marshals have a different code. We don’t need to be an investigator to figure out that there is something wrong here, they already got him but still the marshals had a grand time I guess showing off their kickboxing skills.

To make it even worse, Sam, with a bruised face and a broken rib and Chris were arrested for being charged with PHYSICAL INJURY by two of this wonderful marshals. Really clever and wise move. They got detained that very night.

Our experience with the investigating team made the night even worse. Few CLOSED DOOR briefings with the complainants (the marshals) and the police happened that night investigator needed to ask what happened, we were waiting for our turn to be asked about our side but it never came.

“Dito ko naintindihan, kawawa ka talaga kapag wala kang kakilala. Kahit ikaw na ang agrabyado, kayang kaya nilang palabasin na ikaw ang masama. I realized, ang bigat pala kapag ikaw na ang nasa ganitong sitwasyon.” (This is where I realized, you are really at a loss if you don’t know anyone. Even if you are the one being aggravated, they can easily manipulate the situation and make it appear like you were in the wrong. I realized, it is very heavy for someone to be in this situation)

For some reason they weren’t allowed to file a counter-charge that very night and we weren’t able to do anything to prevent them from detaining the two. Where in fact, Sam & Chris, were supposed to be the one filing that PHYSICAL INJURY CASE. If there’s any lawyer reading this we would really appreciate your advice sirs and madams.

Sam is currently confined in St. Lukes & Chris is being held at Taguig Police Station just beside City hall of Taguig as suspects.

You may verify the validity of this story, if this video is still not enough..

If you have the access kindly get hold of the CCTV footage from 3-5pm along Fifth Avenue and at 28th street corner 7th street and their sworn statement at BGC police station.

Kindly share until it gets to the right authorities, they’re being held for 4 days now.

They don’t have much friends here.

They don’t know what to do.

They badly need our help.

Bonifacio Global City responds with an official statement

Bonifacio Global City issued the following statement through its Facebook page:

Bonifacio Global City's official statement on the video showing marshals beating up and arresting two Englishmen
Bonifacio Global City’s official statement on the video showing marshals beating up and arresting two Englishmen

Regarding a video showing an incident involving BGC’s Marshals:

We have reviewed the video and it indicates that certain members of our security personnel resorted to inappropriate behavior and we are currently conducting a full investigation of this incident.

Meanwhile, we also filed formal charges against the two foreigners who had hit and hurt our lady marshal and another male marshal when their attention was called to certain violations of BGC’s community rules, and before their apprehension was captured in the video.

– Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation

Independent investigation

(UPDATED) ASTIG.PH performed an independent investigation to validate and cross-examine the facts surrounding the story.

We questioned a few witnesses in the area, including one of the guards near the area who had first-hand information on the event. Our independent investigation corroborates with the story provided by our initial source, as well as the statement issued by Bonifacio Global City.

According to the parking lot guard, the female marshal, got into an argument with the two Englishmen. She was trying to tell them to go elsewhere, however the two visitors insisted that they were told by the police that they could skate there.

During the exchange one of the men happened to brush into the female guard’s chest. Because of the impact, the female guard was caught off-balance and the vest got removed. According to our source, the brush may have been unintentional.

As a result, the female guard called the radio, while the two Englishmen tried to run away. A marshal riding a motorcycle tried to run after the men, but crashed his motorbike in the rush.

The marshals then called for backup on the radio, and that is when chaos happened. When the other marshals saw what was happening they joined the fray to backup their comrades, thinking the two Englishmen may have done something extremely bad.

Julie C comments on the When In Manila Facebook page:

I was there at the park when it started. A lady guard was asking them nicely to transfer since the park is not intended for skateboarders. The simple argument went wild when one of the foreigners went amok and hit the lady guard several times. Since she was hurt, she asked for immediate back-up and hearing the response, the two foreigner escaped. The chase got up to the part where this video was taken. Please, dont blame the BGC guards for their action. They were just responding to a distress call. They were just doing their job.

If anyone knows these two foreigners, or know how we can reach them please get in touch with us through our Contact page or message us on Facebook. We would like to help.

Update (1-Oct-14 19:33):

We received were contacted by representatives from Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation (BESC). They have issued the following official statement, which also appears on the official BESC Facebook page:

Last Saturday, September 27, 2014, at around 5:25 pm, there was an incident in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) involving BGC’s marshals and two foreigners. A portion of this incident was captured in a video that circulated in social media.

We regret this incident and apologize for the conduct of some of our marshals. We will take all necessary steps to discipline the marshals involved, and ensure that this incident is never repeated.

This incident began at our children’s play park in Terra 28th, where a BGC lady marshal approached two foreigners to advise them of the “No Skateboarding” rule at the park. The two foreigners resisted the advice, with one of them uttering an expletive, and a second marshal was radioed for assistance. While insisting that they comply with the rules, the two marshals were shoved and punched by the two foreigners, and the latter ran from the scene. More back-up marshals were requested, a chase ensued, and the scene of the apprehension was captured by the video.

We do not prohibit skateboarding but limit it along the closed roads of Turf BGC for the safety of the general public. We also plan to put up a Skateboard Park near 34th St. in the next couple of years.

Our marshals are tasked to enforce the rules and maintain peace and order within BGC, and while their actions in this particular incident were not unprovoked, we do not condone the over-aggressive behavior shown by some of them in this incident. We will strive to ensure that BGC marshals always act professionally, lean on the side of restraint, and are able to regain the trust and confidence of everyone who lives, works and visits BGC.

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  1. Not new for me to read this. Here something for you to read how foreigner's are being treated, even when they serve the pinoy community like me. Since i have nothing to hide, i post my comments with dates, names, and times.

    Many of you ask me why i am so negative about your system, why i do not believe in it. Here is something that follows me everyday and even traumatized me. Just want to share it with those who wonder why i am so bitter for the passed few years, specially the PNP

    I had a sexual assault case filed against me. When someone here shout rape, then you are already convicted by this bunch of unprofessional PNP ers. Instead of investigating they just assume it really happend and throw you in jail without any arrest warrant or medical investigation on the supposed victim. On june 16. 2012 around 1.45 pm i was arrested by the PNP, Station 4, San Isidro, Makati. They asked me to go there because they had some questions. Since i had no fear or nothing to hide, and i am used( in my country) to follow the justice system to help where i can, i went there. 2 minutes in i was asked to turn around and got handcuffed and thrown in jail. I was SHOCKED and DEVASTATED. I shouted for explanation and release. A just graduate PNPer i guess, came to talk to me and said i was booked for a sexual assault on a maid who lived also in cityland tower 2 at De la Rosa street. I demanded to have her examined in a hospital, but they said there was no need. All i had to do is just put 500.000 peso on the tabel and she would withdraw her filed case. EXCUSE ME!!!!! if i pay that would be the same as admitting the crime so i refused ofcourse. After 2 hours they took ME, not the supposed victim for a medical examination, because i would be transfered to the Makati City Jail. At the hospital they did not even check my blood pressure, and they released a certificate of good health to the PNP er who was with me that time. What a BUNCH of LOSERS. Back at station 4 i was put back in a 1 x 1 meter jail with steel bars. Again the PNP er came to negotiate about the money i had to pay. It was 200.000 now, so more then half was cut. Again i refused and protest against the treatment without proper investigation. I banged against the steel bars, where a older PNP er came to me and draw his stick, if i did not calm down he would hit me with it. Just imagine yourself being locked up abroad and you are innocent. Eventually i was allowed to call my embassy and my girlfriend who was teaching in school. The embassy could not do anything as of now, and advised to get a lawyer. When my girlfriend arrived she talked to this MAID and This BUNCH of PNP ers. She did what she thought was good and went to an ATM to withdraw 20.000 peso, to settle the matter. I was taken out of jail, and asked to sign a piece of paper, which was written in tagalog, and was ok said my girlfriend to sign. Just to get my head and mind clear and get out of that stinking hole, i agreed and signed the paper. Did i do rite, did i do wrong by signing, i still don't know uptill today. Life became so much different and trust in a justice system completely vanished. even when i see a crime, or any other matter that should be settled by the justice system, i KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT.

    and Peter Emiliano, even when you go to the embassy, they dont do a FU………G thing, sooo shameful.

  2. Sana ang mga empleyado ng BGC na pinadala ng management para magkumento at makipag away dito gamitin nyo na lang ang oras ninyo diyan sa opisina para ayusin ang gulong ginawa ninyo. Buksan naman ninyo ang mga files ninyo basahin ang mga sulat naming naka ranas ng pang babastos at pang gagago ng mga guwadiya ninyo. Baka puno na ng alikabok ang mga reklamo namin basahin ninyo naman hindi yung andito kayo nagsasayang ng oras ipagtanggol ang mga alagad ninyo.

  3. Obviously they are resisting arrest . In some countries this is just a regular sight. Some use the tacer and some harmful chemicals sprayed on their faces. Allegedly, Those BGC guards who responded were irked when the British Nationals became unruly . Please do not judge yet our PNP or the BGC guards as we haven't seen the result of the investigation. You foreigners are being treated here very nicely but do not be so cocky or feel supreme as you are not. Better follow some ground rules. please free to pursue this issue wherever you want.

  4. BGC na nga iyan e PALPAK pa din. Yung isang guardiya binira sa sikmura yung foreigner habang yung isa naman pinagmumura at tinaboy yung kumukuha ng bidyo.

    The problem with this country is because of the PALAKASAN system. Those mo#@n guards probably got their jobs because of their connections to certain groups within that BGC Administration. So ang resulta? INCOMPETENT na, mga ABUSADO pa.

    E kung BGC na nga e ganyan pa rin, paano pa kaya sa ibang parte ng bansa? If the BGC had some sense of decency they should FIRE all of those abusive guards involved. And I would like to see the Briton SUE the s#@t out of this stu#@d BGC Administration …

  5. It is about time that something like this is caught on Camera. This is a long standing problem in Posh cities in CBD. This is one of the things I hate as citizen is the autonomy given to the security guards in these places, and there comes abuse of power. The autonomization is really strong, but unfortunately, maximum tolerance is not taught. Or are we just too impatient as part of our character? What if these men were wearing a suite and tie and is skate boarding? Are they gonna catch them??

    When I was still in Philippines, I bike and park my bicycle to take a rest in Parks, beside parking lots, sidewalk, near a mall parking under a tree. The guards on duty would come towards me and tell me to go away. It didn't happen to me once but a lot of time. I am not permitted to take a rest in these places because I am biking? What if I am wearing a formal attire. Is this total ignorance or stupidity? I bike and park around Bangkok and never run to these problems.

    And whoever is behind this pool of security agencies could be really powerful people because they control a city. victims are not allowed to talk back, otherwise they will swarm at you. I have traveled to a lot of places, and I noticed, there is more, security guards in public places compared to other countries, but crime is still more apparent in Manila. Having said this, the guards are not in their places to ensure the public's interest but rather to protect the establishment and the so-called "VIP"'s or their bosses. And this is a fact. Do we really need a lot of security guards in public places rather than inside buildings or establishments? I think we need proper policemen. Security in places like this should be for the public and not for private entities.

    This is another slap in the face of our international standing. However, it will be a step towards improvement of governance.

  6. OY yang ganyang ugali ay hindi ginagawa sa mga bansang kumikilala ng demokrasya at matinong pamamahala.
    Wala namang baril, inupakan nyo yung tao? Ang sama ng kwento nyan tungkol sa Pinas pag balik sa bansa nila.
    Pero kung holdaper yan, ayan makipagbakbakan kayo, saka pag hulidap na mga pulis makipagratratan kayo, ang mahirap pag walang laban doon kaya nagunguyog eh.
    Tama, ang sabi sa kwento rito, paano kung mahirap na tao ang ginawan nyo nyan? e di white washed na yan?
    Mag-aral kayo ng MMA para maitumba nyo yung ayaw magpa-aresto, hindi yung binubugbog nyo. Pwe!

  7. wew, so now, i will issue a travel warning to BGC or bonifacio global city for my friends and relatives.

    guards there are really dangerous and arrogant and poorly trained

    they should all be fired for what they did and charged with serious physical injury.

    skating is not a crime, it is only prohibited in some places.

    and you know what is illegal and a crime?

    private security confiscating skate boards and hitting someone.

    maybe this guards are so poorly educated that they cannot speak to the Englishmen that skating is prohibited in that area. maybe those guards cannot explain that because they cannot speak English that well.

    for all we know, you might cross the wrong street on BGC and a guard might punch you or confiscate your shoes.

    SHAME on this guys.

    i have been places, malls and other places with guards, they don't act like that. these guards on BGC. they are not suppose to be acting like that. they threat those two poor guys like they did a big crime.

  8. Bali baliktarin nyo man ang kwento walang kwenta ang mga skyu diyan sa BGC isama nyo na ang inutil ninyong management! Pinagtanggol nyo pa iyang mga mamamatay tao ninyong empleyado? Inilampaso ninyo sa sahig at binaliktad ang kwento sila pa dinemanda ninyo? Kapal ng muka nitong mga mokong na ito e ano? MGA GAGO. Hindi kayo PNP para magyabang. At kayong BGC may araw din kayo mga gago pinagtakpan nyo pa yang mga alagad ninyo kaya ang lalaki ng ulo palibhasa kinukunsinte ninyo. Ganyan kasi talaga ang palakad ninyo kala ninyo kayo may ari ng Pilipinas porket pribado kayo. Mga TANGA iboycot sana kayo ng mga dayuhan para langawin ang mga tindahan ninyo diyan. PInagmumura ninyo pa ang kumuha ng video? Ka yayabang ninyo!

  9. Just reading the language of the report. No such terms would be used in the USA/UK/Canada/Aus/NZ, etc. For example, in no newspaper would they write that " foreigners' were arrested. It's insulting in the US/UK/Can/Aus/NZ to call people " foreigners". We can no longer use ' foreign students', we can no longer put ' foreign passport' at airports. We can't write at immigration " foreigners here", "US citizens here". Newspapers would also not use the word "two Caucasians"( or God forbid- "two Asians") were arrested. No reference to race would be made. Why? Because it might inflate racial tensions in the country. They might have just written- "two men were arrested" or "two people were arrested". They may or may not mention the nationality and if they do, it will be in the very end.. And they would not use the word "Englishman" ( not an official nationality anywhere- "British" is). Nice to see that freedom of press and speech still exists somewhere ( when English is used).

  10. i have had the pleasure of skating in BGC, the sidewalks, streets and in the park. We know that it's prohibited to skate in the streets and we have also encountered numbers of marshals reminding us the same rule, but we still skate. #yolo lol We weren't captured, beaten and worse, arrested with our defiance. I think these men do not deserve being treated the way they were treated. PLUS, come on guys! THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE PHILIPPINES, ONLY SUGGESTIONS! Why the hate? They were just having fun. like our corrupt and filthy politicians who are also having fun. lol

  11. Ok I'll definitely say that I don't know the whole story but dude! The consequences will hurt a lot after this incident.

    It is called GLOBAL CITY and something so barbaric to happen in its streets is unthinkable. BGC is home to many international investors and I think roughly some European companies. What would the key players in the international stage of business and commerce think of this now? This will hit BBC before we know it. I think the guards should've been more civilised on the matter. Their training went kaput when they let raw emotions get the hold of them. Help these guys out honestly, we are a civilised country. Getting beaten up is just plain painful and uncivil even if they have done something unjust. The right to due process is a basic right after all.

    The English holds great value in the pages of history hence having great impact and influence on the modern world. They colonised majority of the americas, they were the second longest running empire in the 1800s and that they were one of the nations in the front lines in the European theatre at the second world war. Invoking the "PI" curse on them is probably a very bad idea.

  12. Interaksyon had this to report on this case – and cited your website as it's source for the story.
    Good work guys! When you consider TV5 has offices in BGC – nice scoop!

    In a memorandum dated September 29, Taguig Prosecutor Eugene Oliver Jabson ordered the release from the Taguig City Police Station of Christopher Edwards and Samuel James Reynolds, who were faced a complaint of slight physical injuries and malicious mischief. In the same memorandum, the city prosecutor recommended that a preliminary investigation be conducted on October 13.

    Edwards and Reynolds were featured in a viral story on website, which had a video of a group of BGC marshals manhandling a foreigner until the latter was handcuffed, his shirt falling off his shoulders. One of the marshals was seen shoving him and punching him in the stomach.

    Reynolds, however, was never in detention as he was supposedly confined in the hospital for a broken rib.

    According to the memorandum issued by the Taguig prosecutor, the complainants against the Britons were Imbran Ibno and Nydes Buenafe. It noted that Reynolds was not present during the inquest proceeding as he was “allegedly confined at the St. Luke’s Medical Center (although) no document whatsoever was presented or submitted proving said confinement.”

    Taguig police told that Edwards was released on Tuesday after being detained since Saturday night.

    The British embassy said it knows of the incident and have provided consular assistance to its citizens.

  13. The only violation here is a hit in the stomach of the Englishman by the cops.Everything else is done by the book. They were running away, resisting arrest, refused to give up the skateboard, etc. These had to restrain them and cuff them. Plus, they look like they are a bit too old to be skating, anyway.

  14. That's what you get when you resist arrest. This couldn't be the whole story. We need to get the side of the arresting marshals to be fair. I've seen foreigners lose their mind here in our country and resist arrest. Then inside the precinct, they talk [email protected]* as if they're invincible and superior than Filipinos. The article above is biased because it came from a friend of those who were detained. It would have been peaceful if they've shown humility and courtesy. Just my guess, maybe they were rude in answering to the marshal's request and ignored the latter's warning. I live in bgc and it's very rare that I hear something like this. BGC just doesn't arrest foreigners for no reason. In fact, they're very hospitable to them because they contribute to Taguig's economy. Just saying.

  15. @Jon Olafs: You foreigners have always been given a SPECIAL treatment in our country, but still most of you still treat us like dirt right in our own country. Most of you act as if you foreigners are above the law of our country. Some of you deserves to be treated much worst than this. We'll give you respect, all we ask is respect in return. Your words, 'DUMPHOLE'', 'IDIOTS' and "FOOLED INVESTORS", wow, those are typical words of abusive foreigners. Travel warning in the area? Do it if you can, that is if you really can, or you are just pretending to be an influential person. I challenge you. If you can't, then you are just an asshole trying to pretend to be somebody. FIY, I'm not from this place nor work here. I'm a Filipino defending a fellow Filipinos. Would you like to challenge me to show you how you treat us in your country? I dare you!

  16. Those pussies need 7 people for one man? What kind of security guards are this? What about a proper education? I see many Filipino guards running around with heavy rifles and such … don't put killing weapons into the hands of dumb-asses. Not 100% on topic, but that's what I think.

  17. Yeah, as if the expats are some sort of saints. All you brainwashed Filipinos have white worship syndrome. No wonder you're all backwards. Go worship your own native gods instead of white god. I'm glad these white boys got a beat down.

  18. I am calling all skaters in the country to protest at BGC by bringing all your skates and skate around BGC as a show of protest. Where in the hell can you find these community rules violating human rights and civil liberties. The young and activist, the skaters, bring your skates and protest at BGC. Let us remind these BGC that civil liberties are above their own hallucinated concoction of community rules.

  19. Wow, maybe you need to reconsider the slogan "It;s more Fun in the Philippines" – But to me it is only yet another prove on how the Philippine government treats foreigners, who, by the way, in many cases do a CONSIDERABLE contribution in the form of INCOME TAX. By the way, in any halfway civilized country a mere guard can arrest nobody.

  20. My take:

    1. BGC, Makati, Ortigas, and the likes are too strict, enforcing policies that sometimes boarder on the ludicrous, unreasonable, and downright obstructive. For example, taking pictures within BGC, Makati, and Ortigas requires a special permit even if you are just using a cellphone. We are trying to promote our country and yet, we curtail simple liberties that will help us and our foreign guests enjoy what our cities have to offer.

    2. The elitist management of the aforementioned seem to be too naive when it comes to the illusory prestige of their so-called world class projects. Popular (and highly urbanized) cities abroad – which if may point out BGC and company are trying desperately to emulate – are more tolerant of cameras, skateboards, and bicycles. It baffles me why they cannot follow the examples set by other cities.

    3. A lot of security personnel are just plain rude ( I am not referring to the security guards involved in the incident since I do not have any idea how they approached and reprimanded the tourists), at times overzealous, and counterintuitive. This disturbing pattern among security guards has been displayed in so many incidents (remember the guy with the aid dog in Robinson's or the security guards of the National Museum who refused to assist Red Cross volunteers during the feast of the Black Nazarene a year ago?). A lot of them just do not know when to abandon protocol for the sake of upholding basic rights. It appears that they are aware of operating procedures but are completely oblivious to people's rights in public spaces. They also tend to be persnickety.

    4. There is very little appreciation for the skater culture which saddens me. I am not a skater but I have photographed skaters before. I have witnessed their struggles with security guards and enforcers as they are exercise their rights (without posing threats to public safety or putting themselves in harm's way). There are instances when skaters are treated like menace and as such subjected to severe censure driven away from premises like dogs.

  21. This foreigner is an evil dangerous man, he is so evil that it took 5, no 7 bgc guards to hold him down. And with that security guard's knee to the already lying down, tackled foreigner? Omg!! Good job bgc beatdown squad. I can feel the security. It is just right to beat the fuck out of that man, he is so evil that he wants to what? Skate around town?! Outrageous.

    Idunno what to say, and to that guard who shouted at the other dude filming this video? Nice touch. This is how we show the world on how we treat violators who skate around town. For skating is a really really evil activity

    See justice being served at around 0:55 onwards?

    "Banatan mo! Banatan mo!"
    "Guys! Help me!"
    "Idapa nyo! Andami-dami nyo oh!"

  22. I have had to pay off a cop because I was a passenger in a car without a seat belt on. The cop told the driver he will have to pay 500p fine and go to a 2 day class, or I pay him 1500p, so I payed so my friend would not. I am going to post this video all over the place to help out with the tourism advertising. They really do not want us there.

  23. I'm reading all these comments, although I do not condone the action of the Rent a Cop these men are lucky they were not in some cities of the US or they would be dead. The current trend for police in the US is to shoot first ask questions later, dead men don't talk. Thank goodness for CCTV and Cell Phones.

  24. Red this is embarassing for all of us. Our economy depend much on foreign investors and tourism. They bring in dollars and much needed jobs. Now if this is the image that we are going to show the expat community, the international community, foreign investors do you think they will still opt to invest here? They will pull out. Close shop and establish business elsewhere. IN turn Filipinos will lose jobs, income, etc.

  25. Trevor Llewellyn Evans It might be unfair to generalize though. BGC does not in any way represent the entire city, nor does it represent the entire country. The whole of the Philippines should not be made to suffer the consequences of the actions of a few moronic people, not even if it involves their management. BGC does not represent the Philippines. It is just a miniscule part of the country. Rest assured that foreigners a treated differently in other parts of the country.

  26. BGC marshalls and employees themselves (probably including the management) are notorious for being arrogant. Because they say Fort Bonifacio is private property I think these people are under the impression that they are above the law. Have you seen the official statement from BGC? Such arrogance!

  27. BGC guards specially those assigned doing the traffic are abusive. Ang yayabang pa akala mo mga siga. That agency should be sacked. In fact, tatlo na ang agency napalitan na doon. But this is one of the worst agencies now. Napaka impolite ng mga security na yan tapos they display their shotguns in front of you when you start to complain and voice out your opinion or complaints at them. Putang ina mga gago na BGC security na yan.

  28. well its hard to make a comment if you dont really know why they were arrested in the first place.. from what I see is that they are resisting arrest.. if that was vise versa the person resisting arrest would have been tassered in their country.. no offence some of these caucasian people who goes to Phils act like kingshits.. you gotta have respect to be respected especially if you are not in your own territory…

  29. Trevor – I wonder who owns the security company? it would be also interesting to know why if indeed some of their personnel were hurt as they claimed why they did not call police. Albeit the roads and areas of BCG are technically corporate. Arrests and detentions are still only the legal when done by members of the Police, National Bureau of Investigation, Sherrifs of a court, all others cannot detain a person outside of a private property or building area. – note – yes, BCG is corporate thus 'PUBLIC' not private property since it is a publically traded corporate entity. unless deputized by the PNP or other agencies they cannot arrest or detain anyone outside of specific 'enclised' buildings. Sue 'em here and everywhere their shares are traded globally.

  30. Dude, you ripped the man's shirt, Are you that desperate for him? Lol, i bet that's a branded polo shirt. Truth be told, you have to pay for it. :PP Yan kasi eh. dapat kinausap niyo lang ng mabuti. 😛 Hindi ba yun kaya? And lol, dat policeman. Man, you sure have that smirk in your face. How about I remove it for you?

  31. Zhong Xiongmao I agree there are always 2 sides to a story, but the "law" is always supposed to take the higher road. Watch the video. NOTHING justifies repeatedly beating the guy when they clearly had him under control.

  32. Carsten Elefan Weltken sir, I think you're referring to the guard na nanuntok right? what i'm telling is hindi ko gusto yung minura ng guard yung kumukuha ng video sa kanila. you can watch the video ulit sir sa last part para marinig mo ulit. hindi ang kumukuha ng video ang nagmura sa guard.. kaya try to understand muna ang video bago mo ako icorrect..

  33. , add this incident to the one involving armed goons dragging an FBI Agent from his car in Manila and we can have both the US and the UK issue travel warnings to their citizens about the Philippines to go along with the warnings from the Korean and Chinese Governments….great for tourism.

  34. Well Mike, add this incident to the one involving armed goons dragging an FBI Agent from his car in Manila and we can have both the US and the UK issue travel warnings to their citizens about the Philippines to go along with the warnings from the Korean and Chinese Governments….great for tourism.

  35. Very good question HK. If you were roughed up like that white guy was….where he was held while someone punched him in the ribs….and then gang tackled to the ground so he could be cuffed…..i'd react in the EXACT SAME WAY. But then again dude, I'm not from the PI…so i'm lookin at this from an outsider's point of view. A gang of rent-a-cops can EASILY restrain one guy without having to punch him in the guts.

  36. Jorge Gatbonton Sagal but i think sa mga ganyang agency bibihira sa kanla ang di bgyn ng training dahil di sila kukunin sa makati if hinde maganda at qualified ung company nila tama ba? saka sir nakita ntn sa video kung paano nila i treat ung guy hinde nmn siguro magrarage ung lalake kung di nila sasaktan ng ganun habang hinahatak eh sinisikmurahan kahit gaano kalaki ung isang tao laban sa marami walang magagawa tignan mo in the end na take down pa din nila

  37. By the way, Jon Olafs: a big thank you for telling it like it is. It's refreshing to see an expat say these things instead of the usual fluffed-up window dressing comments that foreigners loooove to post. It's refreshing to hear the naked truth from time to time. Made my day.

  38. Lyle Armecin Leyson nde naman nila kasalanan yan. Yung agency kng san sila nanggaling, or yung mismong institution for not letting them train in some seminar/workshop. Pero giving them the benefit of the doubt, anim na sila pero hirap pa rin sila, if walang camera yan talagang pupukpukin ko yan, why would I risk my own safety dba? Put yourselves in the guard's shoes.. what would you do?

  39. Fab Burito wag mong igeneralize pre. Galing pa lng sa isa ang kwento, d pa natin narinig yung sa kabila. Well in reality naman tlga, mas maraming gago na foreigners dito at tingin nila sa sarili nila na hari sila dahil puti sila. Hinde rin naman magiging ganyan kagalit yung mga guard kng wala rin ginawa sa kanila.

  40. A video showing Bonifacio Global City guards restraining a Caucasian man at the corner of 5th and 30th Avenue in BGC at 5:24PM on Saturday September 27 has been uploaded to YouTube in what can be considered a classic case of police brutality. Malinaw ang sinabi na BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY GUARDs pero bkit POLICE BRUTALITY??? Police ba mga yan para sbhin na POLICE BRUTALITY???

  41. Frank Dwayne Raymond If the guy didn't have money, I doubt he'd have a place in BGC. When I wrote money talks, I was referring to the general idea that Filipinos have about foreigners living here or even vacationing here as having money. It isn't a personal belief, it is a general belief that most poor Filipinos hold, hence, they generally worship the ground these people walk on. I live in Makati and I see all the time how people bend over backwards to accommodate foreigners (not just white folk) so this whole video was weird to me cause I have yet to see a non-Filipino treated unfairly in Makati, or the Fort area. And Lyle Armecin Leyson mind your own beeswax until you can come up with an intelligent argument against my comment.

  42. Zhong Xiongmao HOW do they act that makes em seem like "they own the place"? I've lived most of my life in a western country. When I first moved as a child I thought "wow…these people are full of themselves." Then as time went on, i realized that they were just exercising all the various freedoms that they are guaranteed….speech, expression, and not giving a fuck who hears what they say and sees what they do – which, in turn, keeps em honest. I've seen many, MANY arrests by various police departments and i have NEVER seen officers with as much vile disdain and absolute lack of restrain ( with the exception of the rodney king cops ) as these criminals. You can see it and HEAR IT. Their problem is that they took it PERSONALLY. Anyone who knows how to keep it professional would simply talk to them in a firm manner and tell them EXACTLY what to do and what NOT to do.

    Of course, I am unaware of the entire story…..but going by the response and how overpowered the 2 white dudes were, i'd say this incident can be chalked up as another massive filipino failure

  43. I'm sad that the fact they are foreigners is taking precedence here. It could have been anyone and it wouldn't have still been acceptable. If these people were not out to murder, kidnap, rape, do an act of terrorism at that particular moment, I don't think the amount of force used could ever be excusable.

  44. I hope BGC get suide with millions of pesos for human rights violation talagang mayayabang mga guard dyan they should not have the right to act like police officers they are only rent a cop without any practical training or exams! I have encountered this so called enforcers lahat sila mayayabang! Kung dika marunong sumagot kakainin ka nila buhay! Was respectful pa yung mga police sa fort strip. Sana matangal lahat ng mga loko na yan and sana mag bayad BGC for it para matuto na di pwede kung sino sino bigyan ng power ng police.

  45. I don't know what really happened before this arrest but one thing is for sure. A FILIPINO will never react violently unless provoked.Plus this westerners thinks their culture applies to where ever country they go. Come on guys! Leave your culture back home! Learn to adopt and respect others culture.

  46. Let's all attack the rich white guys , same thing has happened me so so badly beaten up I had to be brought to hospital handcuffed to the bed , for being to drunk and loud.

  47. Zhong Xiongmao Then I am sure you dont know how to read either. The whole layout and scobe from both parties of the incident is stated right there. No matter if you respect the Philippine Flag or not – that is a crime that has been committed and BGC is applying damage control over their own inadequacy. Pls dont bring nationalistic politics into a criminal offences committed by the same people that do not uphold your own due process of the Law. And if you are wondering if I am taking the side of the "Foreigners" No I am not! I am taking the stand with the Filipinos that hate seeing their own country go to shit because of few brainless blue guards. Respect!


  49. Hi Mike here, taking some page grabs and forwarding your story to our newsdesk in London.
    Suggest whoever is in contact with these men contact the commission of human rights.
    These men are not police officers but PRIVATE security. the Philippine National Police should look into this.

  50. BGC guards feels like a 5-0 on their turf. But in reality, they don't know anything. Im not against the filipinos And i don't have grunts on pinoys coz i am too. But this case must solved ASAP.

  51. Mayayabang na marshal tnicketan ako at bnigyan nang violation dahil nagkamali ako nang entrance for parking which several times un nman tlga entrance parking na nag change na pala and kesyo one way!!! Punyeta vnideo pa Montero ko na akala mo kung ano violation ko ended up i paid 2thou for my drivers license nkkaggil lang tlga walang ka kwenta kwentang violation

  52. TheMitch Meñez It can happen but definitely not soon. The mentality that comes from the word Skater. They will always brand that with words like "Punks, Thrashers and Thugs". We we're always told as "Mga wala'y Mabuhat na maayo sa kinabuhi" in tagalog "Mga walang mabuting magawa sa buhay". Though we just smile every time they said that and we want to tell 'em that we have diplomas and jobs. We just smile to get away from trouble but it does hurt inside… 🙂

  53. The guy was resisting arrest. So he was put to ground. It is ironically that you people take side with the foreigners blatantly without knowing the whole story yet. Pinoys degrade pinoys kaya di tyo umaasenso.

  54. Do these policemen and marshals feel they're somebody just because their posts are in BGC, a high brow area? "Parang mga langaw na naka tungtong sa kalabaw" mentality? We encourage tourists to visit our country, and this is how they're treated, all because they were skateboarding in the wrong place? How would you feel if you were treated this way in the UK? Whatever happened to traditional Filipino hospitality? Doesn't it exist in the city anymore?

  55. My reply to BGC; What complaints what violations? Do you think everyone is as stupid as the investors you fool into investing in your over marked up BGC Scam? You are using every inch of alibi you can come up with to justify the criminal activities of your so called security. You paid the doctors for the Medico Legal records to extort money and harass foreigners living in your dump hole. In force you as the representative of these so called security have violated the law – don't make up bullshit complaint and bribes to show you where able to enforce NO Skateboard policy you idiots.

  56. Eric Brian Ouano you don't know them and you don't know what kind of policemen they have in their country so better not comment at that. It's a metaphor used by the Writer.

  57. Well done for posting this. An investigation will see that BGC hires overzealous guards and they need to learn restraint tactics. This will difuse this ridiculous brutal situation

  58. But BGC guards powertrip all the time. They do it to those expat parents that have kids coming out of the Active Fun building with the tow truck with them, towing the cars when no one is looking. They come by 5-6 strong at a time. They say they are easing traffic, but this happens during those times kids are either dropped off or picked up, and then when it IS rush hour (say 5-7) they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Used to it already.

  59. Rules are there to follow, if you got a warning, please follow it coz you don't know what's the meaning of justice in other country. This is so common in PH, even if we don't have that good security/police force, learn to respect them. You will never know what you're up against.

  60. Who else would they be talking about? Looks like you missed my point.

    All I'm saying is that it's BS to say that people look up to their officers as they would kings. Some degree of respect maybe? I guess for those that deserve it.

    In NZ, cops also don't have to have guns to get some degree of cooperation. Not sure about UK but here they're generally nice guys/girls that prefer to chat rather than point weapons at you. Easy enough to like, mostly worthy of respect, but definitely not getting a "royalty status". Poor guys even get a lot of FTP coming down their way sometimes (don't know why).

  61. This story is really weird cause normally, most Filipinos worship the ground that foreigners walk on. So for the guards to have acted this way towards white folk, it's just baffling to me. In the Philippines, money talks, so this whole story is absolutely bizarre, there's gotta be more to this than what the camera captured.

  62. I am not sure if the bill proposed in 2013 by a representative from Cebu to include security guards as a "person in authority" for the purpose of direct assault under the Revised Penal Code of the Philippine was enacted into law. If yes, the act (if within the bounds of law) will be legal (albeit it appears overkilled). Otherwise, the act of these security guards should be reported to the authorities.

  63. hnd maganda ang ending nung pagkaaresto. pero pwede din kasi na need nila gawin yun. sa akin, need nila training sa paghandle ng ganitong sitwasyon. pede din na hnd nagmalabis ang mga guards or talagang pasaway yung dalawa. wala naman tayo sa sitwasyon na yun. ang malinaw, need nila ng training.

  64. "As per Sam’s sharing, in their country they look up to their police officers as kings, they respected them and honour them, so their words were gold." —- Oh please, give me a break. I don't what went down here but you'd have to be on some drug to think this line isn't full of crap. Their words were gold? In what parallel universe? Fallacy universe? If I misunderstood then please explain the logic behind that claim?

  65. What if the skaters were just local boys? Like me or my friends for example. We all skate there, this could happen to us any time. What would you guys comment? "Mga tanginang adik kase kayong walang kwentang skaters" I've seen it. Anyway, hope these guys end up okay.

  66. Lau Die This my friend is by and large part of the corruption problem here. Why do you think these assholes think they can go around beating people up committing human rights violation? Because the government is corrupt. What if these two including all their foreign national friends start pulling out businesses packing up and going home taking with them dollars and jobs? So many will be left jobless.

  67. Go get the Security Agency. Get their side of the story. They were apprehended for some reason. Ask for the police report. I've learned not to jump into conclusions based on amateur videos.

  68. Peter Emiliano Maybe true. I'd rather focus on our national issue here in our country.. which is corruption. I agree with you bro'. We need not to over react on things.It happens..

  69. Mas madami pa nga pinoy na pasaway eh umiihi kung saan saan ngskateboard lang na ang instruction ng pulis eh doon sa park mgskateboard sumunod lang yung tao maliwanag na pangaabuso ng authority yan pwede mo sabihan pero wag mong bugbugin…di nman criminal offense yun eh

  70. Lau Die Well if you look at the grand scheme of things, this could possibly hurt our image and in turn our economy. Is this how we treat foreigners in the Philippines? Foreigners who could be bringing in business and jobs for Filipinos? Tourists who could be bringing in dollars? We are going to scare them off because of these assholes. Im sure when that happens all of us will be affected. This is embarassing!

  71. Please do contact the Embassy and help these guys out. Rest assured that this is not how foreigners are treated in all parts of the Philippines. It's just that this particular area apparently is ridden by assholes please tell the embassy and force the management to get rid of these security personnel.

  72. Gago ka ba? Sa tingin mo necessary yung ginawa ng mga walang hiyang "pulis" na yan? This is exactly why nobody takes our country seriously. FYI, some of our "laws" are stupid as shit.

  73. I guess the guards and policemen should learn how to handle how to arrest foreigners correctly. The foreigner initially tried to escape, yes, but then, they should have cornered and asked the caucasian man to PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK. YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. That's the easiest they will understand the police and how the police can control them. If he did not follow, that is disobedience to a police officer. After all, I guess the caucasian man doesnt have an idea why this officers where running after him. I dont mind about the brawling, realistically, noone deserves that treatment, but this guy I think is around 6 feet tall, and needed 7 5'6 policemen to get controlled from fleeing.

  74. Well its good this came out. of course these so called security guards will railroad over the foreigners with the assistance of the Philippine National Police for some money and what not. The foreigners do not stand a chance for a fair treatment. We will push this issue to the Regional Security Officers at the Embassies and get a travel warning on the the area. Thank you again, for showing us the other side and how we are treated in the Philippines.

  75. May batas ba na bawal ang skateboard sa park? Kailangan ba i confiscate? Kung sayo ginawa, papayag ka ba na basta na lang kukunin ng bantay ang skateboard mo matapos sabihin sayo ng pulis na doon ka sa park mag skate? O mangangatwiran ka rin?

  76. know first the whole story before commenting. ang ayaw ko lang sa mga nakita ko is yung minura ng guard yung kumukuha ng video.. tang ina niya, kung sa akin niya ginwa un, baka mawal siya sa kinalalagyan niya.. they should know how to handle properly the situation like that..