Booky, The Mobile App For Foodies

Looking for a place to dine with your friends, family or that special someone?  Looking for a place to dine simply to impress someone?  No 3G connection at that time of need?  Have no fear for the Booky App is now here!

Booky is a local team solving local problems and what better way to know where the best foods are . . . ask the locals.


Booky App is one of the latest phone apps in the market that can supply you information about the different food places in the metro even if you are not internet connected.  Yes that is true!  Once you have the application in your phone, you can now access their 15,000 listings of restaurants (at present and still increasing) in the metro and 9,000 menu listings – and that is offline!  It is like having a phone directory of nearly all the restaurants in the metro in your phone.


Once you have the app in your phone, you also go Prime in your membership.  Being Prime enables you to enjoy various discounts in all 250 restaurant partners whenever you book a reservation.  Booking a reservation is not hard for you don’t need 3G for that.  Booking is like sending an SMS to the system with the time that you prefer and a confirmation response will be sent to you immediately.  When you book, not only do you get to choose the time of your seating but also the discount that you enjoy, which will be reflected on your bill.  All this is provided by the app as given to them by their restaurant partners.  Being a Prime member also gets you a digital BookyPrime Card.  This will also enable you to enjoy Php100.00 discount to any of the restaurant partners at any time when you cannot make a booking. For only Php199.00 ($4.4) per month, you get to enjoy this ever growing partnership between Booky and the restaurants in the metro.  No coupons, no physical card to add into your wallet, just your trusty mobile phone.


You will not be lost in finding the restaurant of your choice for with just a click WAZE is there to help in your navigation, something that Booky has set in their application when it was launched.  No need to ask your date or companion for directions.


The Booky app is free to download on iOS and Android . It also has a food blog called ‘The Booky Report’ which regularly features the top 10 most popular restaurants in each city based on user favorites, plus more shareworthy food content that generates up to 1.5M monthly blog visits on a dominantly organic platform.


For more information, visit .


Get the app now for the life you get to save may be yours.

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