Car guide for Filipino travellers, working professionals and immigrants in the US transportation web guide for Filipino travellers and working immigrants in the USA

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5-1.jpgAccording to wikipedia  statistics  as of 2016 there were 3.92 million Filipino-Americans in the US. That’s around 1.1% of the last year U.S. population stats. Mostly in LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Hawaii, Illinois and Texas area.  Around 5.7% are Asians and then 17.8% were Hispanic and Latinos. That’s more than a quarter population of Americans originally came from foreign land or race. 

Not to mention the facts that those Naturalized immigrants and US citizens. Have family and friends that visit them regularly from Philippines or in any part of the globe.  My Filipino-American sister, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandma and family members also lived there.  Although the US mainland have great transportation system. 

Still Car is consider as a necessity, even though you are just travelling for weeks or months of work or business trip. You still need to lease, buy or sell it after you travel or when your job was done. Mobility works as provides million of listing for new and used vehicles. Across all the cities and towns of those 50 states. See Redhead mom test drive, research, budget and tips for purchasing here.2-3.jpg

It provides you on the go price drop alerts, VIN scanning capability to drive your perfect car that will suit your lifestyle. They have the list of all car brands you may buy, lease or sell. A user friendly site and app in which you can search for your perfect car. See videos of test drives and related product review content. Now if you like to sell your car they have also car calculator feature. 

So you know your car current market value and learn the selling steps. On how to find buyers real fast like booking your uber trip. same goes in buying the car that you need according to your need and budget. Also if you have company or fleet of vehicles a Black Book value provides wholesale auction value which dealer might pay for it.  

As black book data acquires its pricing from wholesale auctions nationwide. Used car prices on a weekly basis  that frequent updates to for faster market response fluctuation. So you can see your car value based on its  mileage, cost of reconditioning or any vehicle damage.  That will affect the overall value of your car.


It also shows hundred of dealers names and address. So after you shop online you around can always do a test drive or go see the condition. And ask for other dealers better offers. Finance calculator and financing interactive site section can be very helpful for you to calculate your budget loan or lease terms. Transparent credit score and interest rates based on the make, model and time frame that you going to pay or use the vehicle. 

Also stop fraud in any Car sales as buyer and seller both party protection as a trusted contest provider. is more than just a site. But its also a one stop shop buy, sell, lease, video, repair, business, auction and anything under the sun. Beneficial for both user and car business dealers. 3.jpg


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