Cheez Whiz: From baon to virtual class companion

Raising children in these present times is not easy. As parents, it is our task to prepare our children to meet any moment with strength and confidence. “The world has gotten smaller and because of this, it is important for us parents to help prepare them to distinguish what is good and what is bad for them,” shares Cheska Kramer, wife and full-time mother to three beautiful children, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

As much as parents try to cushion kids from the harsh world and do everything to be sure that they are comfortable, we can better support their growth by teaching them to meet life as it happens. For Cheska, experience is an amazing tool for learning. We will not always be around to solve our kids’ problems for them, so it helps to give them plenty of opportunities to figure things out for themselves. “A good balance for the children would mean there should be time for study, sports, play, nature tripping, and serving the community. Most of all, there must be a lot of valuable time with the family where children learn first from their parents,” she says.

With everything that lies ahead, kids also need all the nourishment they can get to fuel them not only for their day, but for also for a stronger future. It is important to feed our kids with the right vitamins and minerals that enables them to be their best self, no matter the situation. Power up your kids to meet life’s curveballs with Cheez Whiz! Packed with strength-building nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus, daily servings of this cheesy, delectable treat help give kids the strength to explore and experience a well-rounded joyful childhood, enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Cheez Whiz is a certified kids’ favorite for over 50 years that empowers them to keep going. Its new and improved taste gives a milkier and cheesier blend with strength building nutrients that kids need to perform well in life’s rollercoaster ride. A diverse range of experiences hones our kids’ strength and enables them to bounce back from setbacks, even while tackling life’s toughest challenges. In every situation, relationship, or encounter, a range of lessons can be unearthed, providing our kids with an education of the heart and the soul, as well as the intellect. As they learn to find the blessings in the difficulties they face and savor the sweetness of joy they encounter, our kids gain a better understanding of themselves and how the world works, ultimately empowering them to keep going, even if life gets hard.

Equip kids with delectable pockets of strength-building activities throughout their day powered with Cheez Whiz. Jazz up mealtimes with a hearty serving of grilled Cheez Whiz sandwiches or serve up a lip-smacking Grilled Mac and Cheez Whiz. As parents, we can also grab the chance to forge a closer relationship with our kids by giving them the freedom to uncover the extent of what they can do. We can bust out some dance moves in a home dance party, play a game of indoor balloon volleyball, or learn some yoga together in an online virtual class. Then, we should step back and allow kids the space to flourish and bloom. Be a guide and a mentor but never rob them of the chance to perform these activities for themselves. It might be scary to allow kids the freedom to explore life to the fullest but doing so will instill confidence for your kids to face life’s moments with strength, even if it gets messy because #CheezWhizStrongKidsKeepGoing!

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