DepEd and URC Flour aid aspiring pastry chefs to reach their goals

DepEd and URC Flour aid aspiring pastry chefs to reach their goal

From the creation of one-of-a-kind recipes to application of advanced technology in bread and pastry production, the country’s baking industry has gone a long way in terms of adapting to the changing times.

And to help support Philippine’s flourishing baking industry, URC Flour and Pasta Division partnered with Department of Education (DepEd) to co-create a toolkit that will guide teachers as they help aspiring bakers and pastry chefs be a step closer to their dreams.

Senior high students enrolled to K-12’s Bread and Pastry Production course, under the Technological Vocational Livelihood Track, are set to learn industry standards and practices through multimedia materials about the basics of baking.

The toolkit features instructional videos, presentation materials, lesson guides, and mbrics about baking bread, pastries, cakes and other flour-based treats. These were collated by experts and culinary professors to ensure relevance and alignment to DepEd’s curriculum.

“Nowadays, we are seeing a thriving baking industry in the country. More students are becoming interested in the art of creating breads and pastries and we are happy to support them in their journey”, said Ellison Dean Lee, URC Flour VP and business unit general manager. “As part of our Flourish Pilipinas campaign and with the vision to help develop young bakers, we are distributing these media toolkits to select schools nationwide to help teachers shape their students to become future world class bakers.”

URC Flour brands include Blend 100 Flour, Continental All-Purpose Flour, Daisy Cake Flour, FibrA+ Whole Wheat Flour, Globe First-Class Flour, My Rose Soft Flour, and Sampaguita Soft Flour.