Diana Stalder x Greenman Environmental Efforts

“Are you a healing OR a destructive influence on the planet?” asked Matthias Gelber, touted the “Greenman” during the Diana Stalder event last March 22, 2016 in DS Gateway branch. That day was also the birthday celebration of Diana Stalder CEO Ms. Dina Stalder. Celebrities Ylona Garcia and Ronnie Alonte were present.



The Greenman then gave us a most eye-opening, informative talk. It was interactive and not boring at all, no wonder he has won several speaking awards. He is, in fact, a consummate speaker and trainer and has engaged audiences in more than forty countries in all continents!


The Greenman had given a talk to Diana Stalder employees a couple of years ago. They applied his teachings in their office, enabling them to save millions worth in electricity! Diana Stalder is a leading authority on skincare and beauty with some of the most advanced aesthetic treatments and products, and they have definitely gone GREEN!


Who is The Greenman?

Born in Burbach-Lippe, a small German village 120 km north of Frankfurt, with over 60% forest cover, Matthias knew from a very tender age that he had a strong connection with Mother Nature.

Since then, he had become a passionate advocate of green living. He was voted 2008’s ‘Greenest Person on the Planet’ in an online competition by Canada’s 3rdWhale. He is proud to share that he owns no car for the last 18 years, and his monthly electricity bill is only about 10 US Dollars!

The Greenman graduated with a Masters in Environmental Science from Brunel University in the UK.


The avid environmentalist went on to start  a successful environmental consulting company in 1999, co-founded the company Maleki GmbH (specializes in high performance low carbon footprint construction materials), is now serving as a Board Member of Solexel Malaysia Sdn Bhd (wholly-owned subsidiary of Solexel Inc in Silicon Valley) and founded Eco Warriors Malaysia (community movement to combat climate change).

What it took millions of years for the Earth to create, we humans have been greedily exploiting in a rate faster than Nature can replenish!


Here are some of Matthias’ tips to save the planet and at the same time save money!

1. Use green technology gadgets, e.g., one that enables you to put a timer to prevent over-charging of cellphone, or an electricity consumption calculator. (Trivia- From Automotives, Germany is now known for GREEN TECHNOLOGY!)

gadgets in helping save electricity, upcycling soy milk carton to pencil box
gadgets in helping save electricity, upcycling soy milk carton to pencil box

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and upcycle!

3. Travel and commute wisely! Choose public transport, carpool, bike or walk, and choose to make your airplane flight carbon neutral.

4. Turn off the lights, appliances and water faucet when not in use, and pick a living/ working area with natural lights and cooler air.

5. Be- a vegetarian! It’s not only healthier for you, but better  for the environment!

6. Be it food, cosmetics or cotton clothes, choose organic!

7. Buy only what you NEED!

8. Be conscious of your carbon footprint. (1 kw hour electricity= about Php 10= 600 grams CO2.)

9. For lights, choose LED, and prefer electric fan over air conditioners.

10. Now, this is on a national level: Convert coal-fired power plants (coal is the most abundant fossil fuel in the planet, and coal plants are the top source of carbon dioxide), and transition to renewable sources like solar or wind-mill power to generate electricity.


For more info on saving your hard-earned Pesos while helping the Earth, get your very own copy of Matthias Gelber’s first book- “The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working”. Eco printed with recycled paper and using vegetable ink, it’s the greenest book on the planet!