Dream Job Donuts: Unique Bonding Moment with Your Kids

12670205_10153356760880823_5851071666417034840_nThe kids of today’s millenial generation are growing up fast! If I can only request Father Time to slow it down a little bit, hope he does slow down a bit. Must be all the food kids are eating don’t you think?

Our cool friends from Mister Donut are not only providing us with exciting and budget-friendly donuts and other pastry options but they are also particular how parents can come up with really quality time with their children while they’re growing up in the midst of social media and fast changing technology.

“We are pleased to share that Mister Donut’s has come up with a Dream Job Donuts offer that parents and their kids will have a fun time sharing.” discloses Ms. Chrissie, Product Segment Specialist for Kids.

md2When it comes to what profession our children will choose and become in the future, the parents or even guardians are very vital key people to guide and help them decide which is best. At a very young age most kids would say they want to become doctors, teachers, police and pilots even!   
kids-dream-jobs-1024x1014Dream Job Donuts in a special easy to cut out box so you can also have a bonding activity with your kids each time you buy a dozen donuts. This is also available for a limited time only so better hurry before stocks run out.

It is available in quirky designs such as Doctors, Chefs and Moviestar. It’s so cute and nice and only costs Php 10 per piece which you can have the box for only Php 120/dozen.

These cut out portions of the box looks pretty cool!


12666237_1239988452681279_1516061079_nYou’ll get to also inspire your kids to dream about what they want to be when they grow up.

Having a donut snack is not only yummy good but can also be educational and life-changing with Dream Job Donuts. ☺☺☺

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