#FitnessGoals Achieved! 1 Million Pounds of Fat Pledged in FWD and FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge

....the Philippines has collectively shed nearly 1 million pounds of fat in just a short span of 6 months!

A few more days to go until we welcome a bright and shiny new year 2018. How are your 2017 goals, especially your fitness goals, coming along? Did they remain as goals stuck in your thoughts dying to come alive? Or did you do good and actually took action of your #fitnessgoals? 

Anyway, whether you had some achievement unlocked on your personal goals or not, just continue moving, like what FitFil or Fit Filipino Movement aims for every Filipino – to shift to an active lifestyle. 

FitFil is a passion project started by celebrity fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret (Biggest Loser Philippines Season 2) last May 2017. FitFil’s National Weight Loss Challenge has this one simple mission – to promote a fit and active lifestyle to every Filipino and collectively  lose 1 Million pounds of fat by the end of 2017!  

Sounds ambitious, right? But with a mission as noble and exciting as this, groups, individuals, companies, LGUs, and private and public organizations from all over the country didn’t hesitate to partner up with FitFil and pledged to donate fat by losing weight through an active and healthy lifestyle.  

Fast forward to December 3, in a fitness party “Live to Move,” hosted by FWD Life Philippines, a proud partner of FitFil, Coach Jim and Toni announced the movement’s inspiring breakthrough – the Philippines has collectively shed  nearly 1 million pounds of fat in just a short span of 6 months! It was already at 900,000 plus pounds during the event, but with more and more cities and provinces wanting to take part in the movement, continuous weigh outs everywhere are still being done. 

FWD Life Philippines, with its brand tagline “Get Ready to Live,” is also an advocate of an active lifestyle and supports FilFit Movement all the way.

With movements like FitFil and with organizations actively supporting its mission, it is definitely an exciting time to get into a fit and active lifestyle. Coach Jim and Toni added that 2017 is just the start. 2018 is already looking exciting, as more groups and organizations are already expressing their want to take take part in the mission. 

Below are some photos from the awarding of certificates to all the partners and participants. To see the highlights of the party, click here