Flotsam The Movie now showing

The film is set in La Union during the few days that the sea is bereft of surfing waves, is all about love, but not the kind that leads to the fairy tale endings of most typical romances.


The film centers on various possible lovers. There is Kai (Solenn Heusaff), an architect who is confused about her engagement, and Tisoy (Rocco Nacino), the hostel’s bartender, Mia (Carla Humphries), the hostel’s proprietress, and Zulu, who is due to return to England, and a host of other personalities with love stories that range from trivial to overtly sentimental.


 Cast members include

Lemon Superstar Dines, Marc Abaya, Carla Humphries, Barbra Miguel, Adrian Cabido and Jeff Ortega
Mara Lopez, Solenn Heusaff, Julia Quisumbing, Anja Peter, Jun Austria

Watch out for the love that developed in Flotsam and their stories.



Flotsam is sill showing in cinemas.